I was curious how other departments Officers function in that is it a must for them to know how to run the pump on an engine or is this something that an Officer is not required to know?

Thanks, TJ

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everyone on our dept. Knows how to run the pump. whether certified or not. They know how. It is certainly important to always have water. And sometimes it takes someone else to step up and run the pump.
I agree everyone needs to run the pump espically the officers
EVERYONE knows how to run our pumps. That is the first thing newbies are taught. They may not know how to attack an interior fire but they have to know how to run the pump. It is one of those "just in case" things. TCSS
When the pump operator is being evaulated during initial or recurrent training; when the pump operator has a problem with the pump during this said company training or during an emergency who is he going to ask for help from? The LINE OFFICER.

Having an engineer or just the training officer be the trainer or certifier is BS. The line officer should be able to do everything in the fire service so he fully understands what he or she is ordering or expecting his or her subordinates to do...

More importantly, when one of the operators fails or messes up, it should be he the officer who is held accountable for his or her men.... without this responsibility we commence the finger pointing game
I agree, right now we've got half of our officers that can pump good, I'm talking about a good structure fire. We got burned alast month when we had an officers class out of town about half of our department was there and got called to a car fire (fully involved) and no one knew how to pump the truck and we did not respond with an engine, so they had to call for mutial aid from the city department. Our Chief was a little upset and now we all are learning how to pump. I think its great.
In our department that is a DEFINATE YES!!! If you don't know how to do the job your supposed to be supervising HOW CAN YOU BE AN OFFICER?

Part of an officer's job is TRAINING firefighters. You can't train someone to do something if you don't know how to do it yourself!!

Also in a volunteer organization such as ours, many times especially during normal working hours, most of the responders are officers. If they didn't know the jobs, the rescues would not be accomplished, fires would not be put out or other services would not be performed.
Yes Yes Yes all are members know how to opp.the pump you never know when the pump opp might go down and the officer is near or buy the pumper so he can take over in a emg.
officers should know how to do everything. i work my way up to an officer. from firefighter to a driver and so on. just think if you put a rookie in the officers spot? how would thinkd run? will everyone safty be ok? one of the most important things on a truck is the pump. if the driver and the officer on the truck are on the right page then the scene will go smooth. so yes officers should know how to pump the trucks.
You can't become a captain here until you've been an engineer first. That's the progression.
on our dept. the officers have above pump knowledge. just like the rest of the firefighters.. there may be some time an officer may have to drive especially on a volunteer fire dept like ours. so yes i think every one from the bottom up should know how to run the pump

edgerton trimble fire prot. dist.

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