Our department recently had a pretty bad tractor trailer accident and thank God the driver was extricated 2 1/2 hours later, alive.  It really was a miracle.  I've begun to notice that people seem to be looking for people to say thanks and for recognition. 


Someone confronted them about this and many people have gotten very defensive.  What do you think?...Should people be "fishing" for this thanks and should you really have to pat someone on the back EVERYTIME they do something?

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"Fish for thanks"? What do they do, swarm the patient looking sad and pensive? And who exactly is supposed to say thank you? The patient packaged and transported? What, they should track you all down and say thanks? Bring you a cake? Gifts for everyone?

What kind of person 'fishes' for gratitude? An insecure, needy person. I'd redirect them towards another profession, one where they get to hear thank you every day, maybe as a teacher.

I guess when people grow up with facebook/myspace/twitter, where every random thought they get is posted for everyone else to read and every little thing they do is commented on and approved, then it should come as no surprise that when someone has successfully performed/completed their job they then wait, fully expecting to be thanked.
I read this another way, Jack. I thought john was talking about getting a "job well done" from one of the bosses running the job. Assuming it was, in fact, a job well done, then someone should absolutely let the fellas know they did a good job. If we get a thank you from John Q. Citizen, that's gravy.
That is what is wrong with this job. We have to many people wanting to drive around with all the flashy lights and sirens,and be called a hero. If you cant do this job out of the kindness of your heart and not think about what someone else tells you or does for you, no matter if it is the public or coworker get you a$$ out and go flip burgers some place.
WP, if it was the writers intent that a "job well done" is what is being sought then I agree, any engine boss worth his bugle(s) should be handing that out. However I took it to mean looking for thanks from victims/patients or just the general public. In that regard I stand by my original comments.
If the job went safely and all the right things were done performing the job, I will certainly let the crew know they performed very well, and with a thank you after a critique of the call! As far as looking for a thanks from a patient or their family member, that's up to them... It's gravy as WP stated.
I agree with everything said so far. I'm lucky my engine bosses will say hey good job or they'll say we really screwed the pooch on that one. It's an added bonus if John Q Public comes up after the fact and says thank you to you. If that happens it really reminds you why you got into this career feild.
Maybe john will let us know what angle he's coming from. I just figured I'd give him the benefit of the doubt. (Cause that's the kinda guy I am.)
I'm thinking alot of this depends on the population size and type of department. I live in town of 4000 plus maybe another 1500 in the surrounding area. We responded to a MVA a couple of weeks ago with 2 fatals and one survivor. Both were locals. Both were known by members of our department and other responding agencies. It was a bad one. Obviously we don't have the number of calls the urban departments have. Both cars travelling approx. 60mph met head on driver side to driver side. Human meets machine violently. Four hours on-scene. A few days later members starting getting feedback from Joe Public. All of it was good.

Did it feel good. You bet. We handled the scene and mitigated very well I thought. So did everybody including LE. Will I accept the attaboy's? You bet. Expecting them? No way. I'm a volunteer and all but take my job very very seriously.
Your modesty becomes you.
I know.
I do what I do because I love it, I take part in training and classes to be the best I can. Awards from my department and atta boys from the officers are icing on the cake. Recognition and graitude from the public are the candles on my cake.
If we are doing what we do to look for thanks and appriciation then we are decieving ourselves and those we represent.We do what we do for the love of helping/serving others. PERIOD! To recieve a thanks. pat on the back and in some cases recognized as heros only makes the ones giving the appriciation feel good. Yes, its nice once in a while to recieve a thanks and a big smile. Of course we all like to be appriciated but that not why we do what we do. I would think whether your paid or volunteer that what drives you to give is your desire to serve an help others. However, it is sad that in every good thing there will be those who embarras or bring your agency bad public oppinion because of their actions. Thats why we all have doors that swing both ways on our stations and plenty of applications. This just is not the place for everyone.

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