i dont think they should be. thats what the FireFighters are for.

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Yo, Chief Waller! What the hell's going on down there in South Cackalackie?

In what capacity was the Chief operating just before you gave up the tip he appropriated the tip? And who then took over the job the Chief was supposed to be doing? And how much of a "thrill" can be gotten operating a line from the exterior anyway?
Because he is not doing his job, he is doing your job. If he wants the "thrill " back he should demote and go back to FF. If the Chief/command does not do their job, people can get hurt or die.
Well said WestPhilly, bravo, you should get a standing ovation for telling it how it should be!
I am a Chief officer of a volunteer department and have to respectfully disagree with some of these posts. I have worked my way up through the ranks to get where I am today. I agree with Shareef because the Chief has the responsibility for everyone on that scene whether he is IC or back at his desk and if he is on the scene and gets involved with the actual firefighting then his is actually NOT doing what he is supposed to. Fighting the actual fire is what the the rest of the department's jobs are. The chief, even if he is not IC, has to be where he can get the big picture and hopefully keep bad things from happening. The Chief is the answer man for everything and " I don't know, I was on a hose line or some other operation" is NOT an acceptable answer anytime.
I was an Asst. Chief/Shift Commander for 17 years. The Chiefs job is to manage the incident and make sure his people are safe. Having said that, there were a couple of times that I did grab the nozzle usually doing overhaul work when I knew the command situation was OK. You just can't get the firefighter out of the Chief.
Bravo Chief, you get it!
Yes you can, you were doing the job the FF's were supposed to be doing. How do they learn if you are doing it? Not your job, let the FF's do their job, you do yours.
Could it be that some are maybe being shown up by the chief?
sounds it to me Oldman....guess they still don't know that the Chief owns the sandbox and if they want to play they play by his rules.....
You should be ready for anything. As I have always said never say never. Sometimes I still enjoy picking up that hose. Sorry.
My former Chief would arrive on scene, check in with whoever the IC was on scene and if things were going smooth say "Keep up the good work...I'm going to get in the manpower pool." His line of thought was if things are going good don't mess with success, and just because you got gold bugles on your collar doesn't mean you can't do the same as the man with a silver scramble if there is work to be done.

Not sure that my current chief even has turnout gear.

Two guesses who gets the most respect from the line firefighters to this day.
If firefighters are being "shown up" by the chief, then he absolutely has no business doing their job. The so-called "firefighters" need all the work they can possibly get.

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