I am wondering what you all thought about a few things.

1) Should Felons be allowed to be Firefighters?
2) Does your fire department hire felons?
3) If you are a firefighter and you are convicted of a felony, should you be fired?

The reason why I bring this up is because I got an email recently about Richmond (VA) Fire Department hiring.

Apparently, they have dropped the requirements for employment:

* Have no felony convictions for any offense within 60 months preceding the date of application;

I got the information here

I cannot speak for the department if this was an actual drop in requirement or if it has always been this way.

I thought that if you were a felon, you were always a felon. The only way to get a felony off your record is to have the Courts expunge it from your record.

What do you all think?

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To answer this question you need to know how are department dose its hiring I think. As the fire chief in my department I have the final say in all hiring’s and appointments, the only person that is not hired or appointed by the chief is the chief themselves who is appointed by a bored of directors, who are in turn elected by the residents of the community. But to get back on track here over hiring persons that have a criminal required, I have no problem with it, however it dose depend on the convection of the crime. Such as was it a violent crime verses a theft charge. As for being on the department and getting convicted is reason for dismissal, and a 5-year minimum waiting period after serving the fuel senates. Resigning behind this is to see if that persons is going to repent offend. This may not be the best police but it is the one we are using.
I'm 27 yrs old and from Louisiana, I am wanting to join the fire department but i have one problem a felony,i got when i was 20 yrs old. I went to prison for three years no probation or parole no nothing. I called about getting it expunged, but in North Carolina where i got in trouble at they told me that it is rare and lawyers don't like to do that. I have called every lawyer in the county and no one can help me.So if anyone on here has any ideas or advice please send me and e-mail at jnkross2009@live.com

Thank You
Justin A. Ross
Sorry Bro but not with you on this one...the "Holier than thou" attitude you mention is NOT exclusive to Firefighters...Look into ANY employment by a public service and see how many Felons are there....it would be rare to find any....? Why...? Because there are other people who have not abused society that are ready and willing to fill the vacancy...another issue that hasn't been mentioned..."Nature of the Offense" Now, I am not talking about the conviction...I am talking about the crime...many charges are down graded in order to get an easy conviction and to save the tax payers money in trial phases....I have seen Sexual deviants get charged with endangering the welfare of a child just to keep them off the streets. The fact the conviction is a felony should tell you something...A felony is not like a parking ticket...it is the most serious charges that can be placed other than Capital crimes...I still say there is no place for them in my Firehouse...they have broken the Faith even before they have gotten in...there are others that haven't that would love to get in....to them I put out a welcome mat....Stay safe....Keep the Faith....Paul
Is that how you get respect and "feel good about yourself ?" I respect people that EARN the respect that often comes with the job....not those that expect it because "I am a Firefighter" From what I see you aren't even that as of yet... being in a Department doesn't say anything to me about the person....get your training..become a Firefighter... then get some experience .....then come back here and tell us what you have learned...just joining a department doesn't make you a Firefighter...just as working in a hospital doesn't make you a Doctor...That's just my look at it....Stay safe....(Oh yes, you are outside, right..?) Paul
Well as a volunteer when you fill out the application it does ask if you have been convicted of a felony. It doesn't totally eliminate your chances of joining but I don't think the membership by and large will approve it. Of course if the volunteer department does and then a background check is initiated, the county might have a say in whether or not a person can become a volunteer fire fighter/emt.
absolutly not!!!! People who are felons have no right in public service!!!! I dont want a felon entering my home reguardless the sitch!
We are held to a higher standard....and therefore we expect people to be of good character in the first place.....You asked for opinions and that's what you got....Mine for one stands as stated.....Paul
Nope no way not here in jersey
A felony within the last seven years is how far our background checks goes.
A felony DUI will not disqualify you from applying with our company. A drug possession conviction that is not Class X will not disqualify you. Weapons, assaults, robberies, murders among others WILL disqualify you.
I did not single out firefighters as being held to a higher standard. I said "public safety" positions that are sensitive to a multitude of issues should EXCLUDE felons.
Forget the higher standard.
Stricter qualifications for hiring. Call it whatever you want. It is no different than invoking higher physical standards and excluding our "chubby" candidates.
If joining the ranks of our fire service isn't a privilege, then what is it?
If living in a community serviced by a volunteer fire department that you want to join is somehow a right or "just a job", then Society is in a sorry state.
We have elevated cheats, thugs and criminals to star status in our professional sports. Let the felons go there.
it depends on rather its somethin serious like murder or something like....parking tickets lol
a "felony" is much more serious than a "parking ticket"...Paul
Attack attack attack , i leave this site for 6 months because everyone wants to talk bad about people and when i come back it is just like i never left . He said he was getting some respect from law enforcement . Who said he did not earn it ? It might be that he is getting the respect for doing a good job .Give him a chance if his department can give him that chance maybe we should too . At least he has tried there are lots of people out there that have not tried . If you have not noticed there is a decline in people wanting to become firefighters volunteer or paid . We really should quit cutting down and taking digs at the people that want to help . This is just my thought and i will most likely be taking some cuts and digs for this but some of ya'll have been doing it all along so what is the difference .


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