There has been a lot of talk going around in the Fire and EMS field about a few women wanting to take legal action against departments because CPAT is to hard for women to pass and some even feel it is a way to keep women out of the fire service. I'm not sure if that is so because there are a lot of men who fail it also! I know women who have passed and they passed with ease! I think its a matter of how bad you really want it! I think it truely sets a fair minimum standard for men and women because it reflects the stamina and strenth needed to perform the job and not if you're male or female! What are your thoughts?

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In response to Harrison, I wish there was something for you to read on this matter but It hasn't made the news yet. So far, its just word of mouth, but I have heard from many reliable sources that this has already been filed in the court system here in my area, but there may be similar cases across the nation.
I don't think it should at all. This is not an easy job and to make the CPAT easier just so they can pass it. If they can't pass it then they may need to work harder so that they can. I think if they can't pass the CPAT then really how can they expect to do this job... Completely and totally my opinion only....
Let me start off by saying I have no issues with women in the fire service but if you want to be a firefighter you HAVE to pass the same testing that i as a man have to pass for the job. I know dozens of women who have passed and alot more men who have failed it before including me but that just means that you work harder to pass it. And if they drop the standards for women then they must also drop standards for men. This is an equal playing field here. If you can't pass it male or female you need to try harder or move on it's as simple as that.
Mike, I completly agree!!!! The CPAT is made to be extremely difficult because we as firefighters face many extremely difficutly challenges while on the job. To lower the standards just so a woman could pass is not only ridiculous but also poses a very serious safety hazard to not only that specific FF, but whoever they come in contact with on the job. I have absolutly no problem with women in the fireservice. Were all held to the same standards when we are in a burning building trying to save someone so we better be held to the same standards when its just practice. I think Tommy Gavin said it best in an episode of Rescue Me--"If you got a women that can do the job, bring em on, if you got a chinamen that can do the job, bring them on, if you got a martian that can do the job, bring them on."
I think it should stay the way that it is when you get on a fire scene are they going to make a residential or commercail structure fire easier so women can do the task easier
I agree 100% this is the minimum standard. The test is not to keep women out but to see who is physically fit to do the job! If you cant do a 10 min test than you cant physically do the job. That is plain and simple. There are women that work at my dept. They did the test and passed my hat is off to them they deserve the respect that they get for completing and passing the test. What happens if we lower the standard some more and people who could not pass it now can do we really want to put fellow firefighters at risk just to make everybody happy so they dont sue. I dont think it is worth the risk!
How would anyone be able to take legal action? The CPAT is biased in no way shape form or fashion. "C" stands for "Candidate" doesn't describe man or woman. I'd like to see someone come out with a MPAT or FPAT, then there might be some grounds civil action. The CPAT is for anybody desiring to become FF1. It is a very demanding exam, it's only 10 minutes though. If you can't last for 10 minutes with no gear on, how long are you gonna last in an IDLH? I've seen a few women that handle the test better than men. It's all about how good of shape you are.

The only thing I somewhat disagree with on the CPAT is the entire test is done solo. Teamwork is practically beat into our heads from the first lecture one would ever receive about firefighting. About half the things you do in the CPAT are things you'd never do with out a partner. Search Box, Ladder Raise, Victim Carry, etc. Of course I reckon one being able to do these things on his own would mean they can do it with a partner as well?
Ummmm NO! Back years ago the tests were ALOT harder then the CPAT. Maybe it is because you "train" for whatever test they are giving and dont usually push too much farther then that. NO NO NO!
If you can't do the training, you can't do the job... Seriously.

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