Should CFA personal (victoria's, aus, fire fighters) be awarded with a bravery medal?

there has been metion that the fire fighters that fought the worst fires in Australia's history be awarded with a bravery medal for thier efforts, what is your opinion.

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I'm not a fan of bravery medals unless it is directly associated with an actual human rescue, etc.

Were they brave? Absolutely.
Simple answer. No.

The awarding of bravery medals has always been for exceptional services under our system, I think it should stay that way. I've been out twice to the current fires, I'm due to go out again tonight - I don't believe that I deserve a bravery award. If the Feds want to issue a sort of 'Active Service' medal, that would be OK. But not a bravery award.

There is a CFA medal awarded for bravery - I don't like the idea. There are National Awards that should be used for anything that merits recognition. (Not that I'm denigrating the awards that have been made, I just think those people were given the wrong medal)
Definately not cause then QLD & NSW fire fighters would want bravery medals for their efforts in the NSW fires and QLD floods plus South Australian fire fighters would want medals or some sort of an award for keeping SA safe during the heatwave we endured

If the government wants to give out bravey medals they should be given to people like the CFA vollie who saved that koala 'sam' from dehydration, the couple who saved their property at strathville after being slugged with a massive fine because they cleared a buffer zone against council rules
I just say NO
NO, NO, NO, Shaking my head NO.
Agreed lutan
Well Angus, I don't know who's been making this suggestion but CFA vols here seem to have a pretty definite view on this suggestion! Those that have seen it at least...

We've given it a pretty strong NO I think.
i firstly thank all of you for your comments on the issue. i'm from reg 7 and amoungst several diffrent brigades from three diffrent groups there has been mix views. on my personal view i'm am not saying that we should recieve anything, the thanks that we recieve from the public from walking down the street or activities with the public is all that i want. within the reg there has been comments that we the CFA crews should be acknowleged and not just from vols and cfa members. i just wanted to see what others thought. thank you again


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