Serious Games as an Education & Training Tool for First Responders

Is anyone familiar with Seriosu Games and their applications to first responders?

A Serious Game according to Wiki ( ) is, "A serious game is a term used to refer to a software or hardware application developed with game technology and game design principles for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment. Serious games include games used for educational, persuasive, political, or health purposes."

A few websites supporting the use of Serious Games include the following:

Specific to Emergency Managers are some of the following:

Will Interactive


United Nations Food Force

Breakaway (Incident commander)

Evacuation Simulator

RescueSim (Also Vstep)

With budgets getting tighter, is Serious Games a serious way of addressing some of the training shortfalls?

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But i like the idea of having a fire fighting game being introduced to Playstation 2, Xbox and Wii cause it will give us vollie fire fighters something to sharpen our skills up during winter

I'vejust got a full version of Flame-Sim to trial before purchase, to use as a trainin tool. Don't downplay the seriousness of these types of games.

At the end of each evolution you get a full report back against ICS, tactics, safety, etc against NFPA standards and so on.

The learning potnetial is amazing and is more than just entertainment.

Check out the many links I've posted to get a better idea....
Luke I found this, you may not have seen it. hope it helps

I represent a company that has developed a new simulation software program for firefighters and I am offering discounts to those who elect to purchase a copy. The first version includes scenarios on Backdraft, Flashover, Interior vs. Exterior Attack Decisions, Rapid Fire Extension and Extensive Pre-Arrival Burning. The purchase includes all quarterly scenario updates as well as a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. For a quick product demonstration, go to scroll down and click on the video screen under Fire Fighter. You can respond directly to me email at
Intersting! There's two- American Hero: Firefighter and also American Hero:EMT/Paramedic (video below)

American Hero - from American Hero on Vimeo.

If anyone is doubting the seriousness and effectiveness and benefits of games in education and business, google "James Paul Gee".

He's world renowned and has authored many books and research exploring the use of games.

Well worth the look....

A few screen shots from Flame-Sim...
Interesting article from Adobe about Serious Games.
Serious games: online games for learning

Serious games, expected to be a US$1.5 billion global market in 2008, are being described
by some analysts as the next wave of technology-mediated learning. As organizations intensify their efforts to engage with members of today’s workforce, serious games offer a powerful, effective approach to learning and skills development.
This paper looks at serious games and their potential as learning tools. It also asks and answers some of the initial questions that challenge decision-makers, designers, and developers alike:
• Do serious games really promote learning?
• Who uses serious games?
• What do learners think about serious games?
• What can we expect in the near future?
• How do we start a serious game initiative for our organization?

Great list of resources. I operate a site that is along these lines. I have a series of Online Incident Command Simulators, Virtual Pump Panels, and LODD Computer Graphic Recreations. My SIMS are less like video games than a lot of others. I have tried to recreate the challenge of balancing units on scene in a dynamic fast paced fire environment. Please take a look and let me know what you think.

Capt. Ryan Christen
Lutan do you know of any demo versions on any of these games?
Flame-Sim have a demo which downloadable from their website. You'll need an Xbox controller for your PC to use it though.

Code3D is fully free and needs no controller.
Thanks bro!!!! I'll check it out!

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