It's time to replace the  14" blade on our K12 Partner saw. Looking for a good multi-purpose / multi metal blade. What are you using and why are you using them. We've been using a uni-cut carbide blade. I'ts used more for forcible entry than for ventilation.Looking for some input.

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WARTHOG BLADE is pretty good we used it on my old department. that sucker will rip thru a roof like a hot knife thru butter!
I can't think of the brand off hand, but we use a chunked carbide blade on ours. It'll cut the roof off of a house, goes through vehicle hoods like butter, and I have cut guard rails with it. If it seems to be getting dull, simply flip the blade and keep cutting.

It isn't too good at cutting downed trees, and takes a little getting used to when making the initial cut on roof decking, and asphalt tends to stick to the carbide, but we've had ours for about 3 years and love them.
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Chris, Check out Desert Diamond Industries. They make both diamond blades for cutting metal and masonry and carbide tipped blades for cutting a wood roof. When you talk to them make sure you were referred by me (Chris Collier from Brotherhood Instructors) and they will give you a significant discount. Tons of info available on their website.
Check out the link. TEEX - Texas Task Force 1 did a study in 2007. Our department just purchased a bunch of these, so we really don't have much expierience yet. I used the study data to make the decision.
Sean? What did he post?
We have three truck companies on our department. They use carbide tipped chain saws for all roof work and cutting wood on scene. They keep their K-12 set up with a metal cutting abrasive blade to cut metal bars, locks, door hinges etc. That way there is no need to change blades on scene.

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