our department is working on getting new airpacks we put together a group to decide which to go with we have test scott msa and sperian packs in two training burns. iam looking for more info on these packs we have all msa packs right now but we are kinda leaing towards the sperians for the comfort and features they have. any info any one can give me on these would help and ill bring to our next meeting. thanks

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we demod them all but isi we look at them at fire school and just werent impressed. but we just didnt like the scott it wasnt for us. but we have talked and we really like the sperian but the only problem we have with it is that the models we would get are new to this year so they havent been around like if they would have been 3 years old or somthing we would have no problem with them knowing they have been tested over and over again the thick regulater line is annoying but. msa new hud dosent stay on all the time only when the tank changes from full to 3/4 to 1/2 and then 1/4 but the pass. is kinda hard to work to bring up how much time you have left. so we are gonna talk tommrow night at are bussiness meeting and descide to either keep testing or make up our minds so. ill keep every updated and i really want to thank every one for the input so far its helped alot
yea we have been msa for 15 years and we still have both styles the quater turn and fire hawk style masks but we are just waying our options and looking around msa is a great pack there strong and last we have members who arnt our greatests people i say one guy get made cause the pass kept going off cause it had a low battier and he slamed it into a wall and put a hole in the wall i was impressed with the pass cuase we changed the battier and it worked just fine but. we are just looking at all options
We just started the conversion from Scott NxG2s to NxG7s. I know technology gives us bigger and better equipment all the time, but I would like to see an airpack that doesn't have all the extra bells and whistles. I want something that will let me breathe in a IDLH atmosphere and allow me to perform my job. It would also be nice if they didn't weigh 60 lbs. The new Scott NxG7s are stripped down versions of the NxG2s.
We have been a Sperian (formaly Surviair) department for ever. We just got 5 new sperian 4500 packs and we love them. The biggest thing we like about them is the comfort. The back swivel is the coolest thing they have came out with. Plus these packs can run on 4500 psi bottle or 2216 psi bottles and it dont matter what type of bottle it is, MSA or Scot

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