Whatever happened to the use of safety nets? Why did those inflatable bags that stuntmen use never become something that could save people from tall buildings? I've seen them catch people from hundreds of feet up without any injuries at all.

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How big is your engine? We can't fit anything else in our rig... the off chance that you might use one? If someone wants to kill themselves, they can move over past the bag... maybe hollywood is lying to us....
Hundreds of feet up? Really? You go first and show me how well it works. Life nets were discontinued because of a poor "save" record. Like Tyler said, how big is your rig?
LOL maybe we could slow their descent with a charged 2 1/2 hoseline. If someone wants to kill themselves by jumping we ain't gonna be able to stop them. Maybe you have seen Lethal Weapon one too many times.
There are other options besides nets and air bags.

Garbage pile saves Vangelis (Angelo) Kapatos, 26, who tried to commit suicide in midtown

It's stories like this that make me believe that there is a higher power. I mean a 9 story fall and survive because of trash? If that's not the work of someone with higher control that what we have nothing is.
Only if that higher power decided to save the guy by first, sending in a hell of a snow storm (wreaking havoc on its way to and up the east coast), had it dump about 24" on snow in Manhattan, made the Mayor NOT declare a snow emergency, caused the city of NY to cut sanitation supervisor positions, upsetting sanitation workers and possibly causing a work slow down with the sanitation workers (who plow the streets), which allowed for many cars, buses, ambulances and fire engines to get stuck in the snow, blocking streets and not allowing the sanitation workers to even get up many streets in Manhattan, in the aftermath which required that the sanitation department concentrate on snow removal for the following week, letting bags of garbage pile up along the sidewalks (to heights approaching 10 feet in areas), subsequently leaving a *mattress* of garbage bags for the guy to land on.

I think it would have just been easier if the *higher power* just made the poor kid NOT suicidal. If the *higher power* HAD done all of that, just to save that kid, he caused a woman and her child in NYC to die during the snowstorm because the ambulance couldn't get to them. I guess that could be a fair trade off.
Life nets were discontinued because we no longer run 12 firefighters making $8,000 per year per ladder company, and the victim usually bounced out of the net on his head and died anyway.

The giant air cushions were discontinued because the suicidal people simply walked to another side of the building, jumped, and killed themselves after the fire department spent 30 minutes setting up the one giant air cushion they could afford on Side A.

Side A, of course, was the only side large enough to set up the giant air cushion. Apparently, suicidal jumpers don't care if they die in the street or in the rear alley.
You make a good point Jack.
lol That's funny!
Ever think that the higher power knew it would be better for the kid in the long run to have the experience and survive it?

Ever think that the higher power might not be the one that causes death?

Ever think the higher power isn't bound by human perceptions of what is "fair"?

Ever think that it might not make sense to blame the light because darkness exists?

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