Are goggles better than faceshields or vice a versa?

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I don't faceshields are recommended by NFPA. We still have both and the young guys love the goggles and the old guys are into the faceshields. Personally, give me the goggles, because I wear contacts and grassfires are killers on my eyes.
For structural fire we use a helmet with a face shield. I see the shield as being a solid barrier between the FF and the heat of the fire and any falling debris.

For grass fires and bushfires we use goggles, the purpose here is to limit the amount of smoke that can get to your eyes and keep ash and small embers away.

We also use a lighter helmet for wildfire work. Structural helmets, like structural PPE, are seen as having no place at a wildifre. Too heavy, like the PPE is too thick, too much metabolic heat retention, too dangerous.
Goggles are rated eye protection and protect your eyes.
Face shields are not rated eye protection, but they protect your face, or at least part of it.

Even considered wearing both at the same time?

It works fine, as long as you keep both the goggles and the face shield clean.
It's a lot easier to keep a pair of snap-on goggles clean than it is to keep a face shield or Bourkes transparent, though.
Goggles have their place as well as face Shields. There is no substitute for facial protection with the use of a face shield. It covers most if not all the face. Goggles are primarily used for protecting the eyes. Both have many useses. Best to get to know what works best for you and what your Department sops are.
depends on the situation I would say.
I agree with Ben. Once they see some fire they are useless.

Personally I wear safety glasses althow my helmet has bourkes.
i have never used the goggles but i use a faceshield and the only thing i see wrong with them is they get scratched up easily and over time makes it very hard to see through them
Goggles are considered the only NFPA approved eye protection. 4" flip down helmet visors and the bourke shields ARE NOT approved. The issue of damaged goggles came up to the committee again, and the standard was changed to say they can be stored in your pocket and not fixed to the helmet.

This really isn't a personal preference if your department is striving to be NFPA compliant.
says in the book that face shields are SECONDARY...not primary piece of protection. Goggles are the safest.(for the eyes). They call them FACE-shields, not eye shields. better to use both except for when using scba.
I go with the book on this subject. I've seen people get things in their eyes while using the face shiels.....I've even seen one person get a piece of his shield in his eye when it broke. I'll go with safety rather than comfort when talking about my eyes....I'll need them later.
Goggles protect the eyes, faceshields protect the face.

Every helmet should come with an approved eye protector, be it goggles or shield. As stated already, Bourkes are not approved as eye protection.

Now there are pros and cons and as you already see, different personal preferences.

My first helmet had a face shield and my second one came with goggles. Faceshield didn't always stop debris from coming from underneath and goggles seem to fog up easily. My helmet today has neither on it. I keep the goggles in a seperate bag and can clip them on if enroute to an MVA.

What I prefer is ANSI safety glasses to either the goggles or faceshield. I keep a pair in my turnout coat, so I have something handy and I keep a pair of safety glasses also in a personal bag and will grab them enroute to a call. I find I get the same protection as goggles, without the fog factor.

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