Curious about the different variables.

How do you find (and keep track of) dwellings in your district?
Placards? Street addresses? Left at the big pine tree, two miles past the cattle gate?

How often do you update maps? Are your placards numbered sequentially by geographic zone?

Stay safe.

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As part of the fire code the homeowners must post numerical's on their homes contrasting in color to the rest of the background it sits on. All new developements are posted in the station and also made clear on location at trainings.

All members have a text only map book. The text is driving directions from the firehouse. Every member has these and they get update pages to add whenever needed.

For split roads, the dispatchers have the numericals to tell the responders a left or right off another road to avoid having to "search" it out.
All of the houses here have green signs that are put out by the mailboxes and the houses that are located in town have numbers on the front of the house.
What happened to the Biblical way to locate rural addresses?
Yanno, the pillar of smoke (OK, a "cloud" of smoke) by day and the pillar of fire by night?

The problem with split roads is that some places let the Post Office assign street addresses on rural roads. That can lead to three different homes having the same address on a long rural roads.

Hamilton County, TN and the Town of Hilton Head Island are examples of places that have solved this problem by requiring that every home and business post a numeric street address that is visible from the road. These places also have an emergency agency (Emergency Management and Fire-Rescue, respectively) are in the street naming and street addressing business, which eliminates a lot of the confusion for responders.
We have maps...and all are supposed to have "911 addresses" posted.....but recently we put GPS in one of our command trucks and are going to put another in our primary engine....its nice to have that little box tell us where we are going when the weather or some lazy homeowner won't put the numbers up....Plug the address in and it tells us when we are there.....Paul
If the address is in a township, it will have a street and house number, same as n the suburbs.

If the address is for a farm, or for one of a couple of remote houses that can't be called a 'town', then there is still the road name and a number. But the locals usually give an address as something like "go along Wombat Rd, over Burnt Creek and turn left at the silos on Jims place"

For us 'non-locals', the fire service (State wide) provides topographic maps with property boundaries shown. The old edition had the properties numbered with a list of names on the back of the map, but the privacy laws stopped that, we're only allowed to have businesses, schools, churches etc named now.
Most houses have mailboxes or we sell reflective green signs with numbers on them. If that don't work usually on of the members will say "that's next to old man Johnson's barn" or something of that variant.
Well, here is one thing I haven't seen here yet, How about actually knowing your district. Let's say Ben is give an address in Hilton Head, let's just say 245 main street, now according to the number on main st, Ben knows right where the fire is because he is familiar with how the numbers run. This should be true for ALL fire companies. You had better know your streets & how the numbers run along them. We have a few roads the run between two fire districts, and according to the number given, we know if it is in our district or not, and about where on the road it falls. Knowing your district is just as important as knowing how to fight a fire.
An answer to your problem with privacy laws, go to the tax office. The tax information such as addresses & owners are considered public information. That should give you the information you need.
We know how the street numbers run, and we also have a mile marker system for the main north-south state highway and for the beach markers that are located on the ocean side of the dunes at every beach access point.

Excellent point, Frank.
We actually have an ordinace in our county that the homeowners must have the green 911 signs posted somewhere in the front of thier property. As for our map books, no they don't get changed as often as they should.
Crawford county Pa. OES has assigned numbers to occupied rural homes in the county. These numbers have become the actual adresses. We have Garmin GPS units in all of our apparatus. We just program the GPS to find the address. We also have a map of our coverage area on the radio room wall that we can find the number on, and best route of travel can be decided by looking on the map. The maps are issued by the county. Naturally, nobody seems to have the nubers out where we can see them, or big enough to see. That's why we purchased the GPS units.
most of our address's have a 911 adressand our central dispatch has computer maps and they relay the information to us via the radio plus we know alot of the people and we ask the name but every once in a while we have trouble finding it but not very often

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