so we all know that civs tend to say stupid things or make dumb remarks like "we shouldnt have them on the pay roll, they sit there all day"

well i want to know sometihng you remember of a bystander being either one, really dumb or two, really stupid...

we all know the most common question when on scene "is there a fire?".. no mam we just like to show our trucks off to the public,

i also want to know your responce to the people that made that comment,

mine is...
i was sitting in school and a kid said " you know, my uncle is a cheif of a police station and he told me firefighters dont ever do anything, and you know what, hes right"

my responce " thats why 343 ff died in 9/11 right? because they werent doing anything"

another was that same day, a kid said "so if that means you dont have to go to college then that means you pretty much have to be dumb to be a ff"

my responce " wow, thats one of the most idiotic things ive heard, ill tell you what.. give me your adress and when your house catches we wont even bother comeing, because us firefighters are too dumb"

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yeah down here in Eastern N.Carolina basically everyone is or either has been a firefighter.So if someone is talkin like that around here he usually gets quiet pretty quick haha.And down here we really dont have a problem between fire and police we usually try and work together the best we can on different scenes
Even by law enforcement? WOW you must have really done something right LOL! BE SAFE brother.....
A buddy of mine at work tends to bust my chops by calling me a "wanna-be" fireman. And just the other night I told him that volunteer or paid, doesn't make a difference. We both have the same tools, same training, pretty much same methods. Just because paid guys get more action then us vollies, doesn't mean a thing.
our cops are and can be prety cool here.

ive had a person when i was wearing my volunteer shirt say volunteers are a waste and they dont need no firefighters. then said paramedics can do more then firefighters.

same day i was told that a payed person is a better person then a volunteer because they arent driven by pride or anything and dont put lives in danger.

pissed me off but what do you do...
mostly here i hear your fuking nuts for running into a burning building i just tell them well yeah but if it was your house youd want this fuking nut to show up that ends that most of the time
there's a documentary about 9/11 and the rookie firefighter that the documentary is supposed to be fallowing says "if i wanted to be rich i'd be a lawyer, but i want a career i can live with."
WOW... was she blonde?
The one that stands out in my mind the most is one thatour own fire fighter said (granted he was a rookie.) It happened last summer. We were out on a strike team and we were sitting at base camp waiting for the morning briefing to finish so we could get our assignment. I was sitting on the back of our engine brushing my teeth and one of our fire fighters walked up to me cleaning his nails with his knife and stuck his hands out to me and says "Man, this is the second nail ive broken on this fire!" I choked on the water i was rinsing my mouth out with laughing soo hard.

He's had more than one of those moments too...not the brightest bulb

P.S he's no longer on our FD
You know I dislike people that say crap like that. Its not right I mean we put our lives on the line everyday to help keep lives and property safe. And when Law Enforcement Officals start talking crap then thats when we say We do do something because we don't sit behind a desk getting fat. I had some kids mouth off to me and I said you know what. "I am not a Deputy of the Sheriffs Department. I don't eat donuts and drink alot of coffee and I don't carry Handcuffs I carry People from buildings, carry hoses and uphold my loyalty to my Department. UGH That just makes me mad I mean you are right Dale 343 of our brothers and sisters died in the line of duty and no one can understand. Stay Safe Brother ok...

my favorite.... "wow, you're a firefighter..what do you do, just like squirt the water on the fire?"
Who is your Favorite??? I am a JR. LOL but I have been taught to Help save lives LOL I know what I am talking about when It comes to the department. I mean I am not saying I know more then the Senior fire fighters LOL but I do know some. We had a Wildfire that was started when a guy was burning in a burn pit and didn't get it completely put out. It caught a field on fire and burned 9,000 acres and maybe more this fire happend in my town. We lost two firefighters that night and 36 structures were lost in the fire. So yeah you don't talk about my Department like that cause it makes me mad and I am not saying it was you but If anyone does it makes me mad cause I love my department dearly and everyone in it.
dude.. wtf are you talking about? my favorite line that i get from people who arnt on the job is what was stated above. you need to chill the hell out

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