so we all know that civs tend to say stupid things or make dumb remarks like "we shouldnt have them on the pay roll, they sit there all day"

well i want to know sometihng you remember of a bystander being either one, really dumb or two, really stupid...

we all know the most common question when on scene "is there a fire?".. no mam we just like to show our trucks off to the public,

i also want to know your responce to the people that made that comment,

mine is...
i was sitting in school and a kid said " you know, my uncle is a cheif of a police station and he told me firefighters dont ever do anything, and you know what, hes right"

my responce " thats why 343 ff died in 9/11 right? because they werent doing anything"

another was that same day, a kid said "so if that means you dont have to go to college then that means you pretty much have to be dumb to be a ff"

my responce " wow, thats one of the most idiotic things ive heard, ill tell you what.. give me your adress and when your house catches we wont even bother comeing, because us firefighters are too dumb"

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Have I mentioned how stupid reporters are at times.
And has you PIO told you how much they can help get the right message out there?
AMEN Pipes !

Dale, don't stoop down to their level. It's not worth the explanation. I did encounters some stupid misconception of the fire service. I usually don't answer and turn my back on.

After doing a lot chores, we wait for the fires. And most of the time boring. But when the calls come in. Keep in mind it could be your last. That's why, we train hard because your life depends on it. Not to get hurt or killed.

I have a member who join the Police department. After his police training, when he got his assignment and settled down. During his day off, he comes us to be on duty. He is still a firefighter by heart.
i have heards all of them a few times... they think you do nothing, but then when something happens to them they want u there.... they dont know about all the calls u get and what we do on them...
yay bi-polar people!
God made Firefighters so Police would have heroe's
haha i like that
ok heres my story

It was career day at my little sisters kindergarden. our dad could'nt make it so I volunteered to go in his place. And of course she wanted me to go as a ff. ................... some I did

I got to the class room and doned my ppe explaining what it was and used for as I put it on. then I let them try some of it on and just goof off with it. when it was all over my sister's teacher came up to me and asked( remember I live in a small town were we all know each other) " So Mr. Emery are you really a firefighter?" I mean do you acually go into burning buildings"

I said no ma'am iam not I just bot this stuff online so I could show off and be tuff. she said " Oh really well".

and at this point I walked out shakeing my head. Thinking really lady are you for real I mean come on.

Thats about the stupidest thing Ive heard.
Rhys, if that is the stupidest thing you have heard then you haven't been around very long.

A couple of years ago I was at an intersection blocking traffic for a fatality accident while PD did their investigation. I left my truck parked across the intersection and had walked down to help bring equipment to the scene for when it was our turn to play. I was walking back to my truck when I noticed a car go up over the curb and around the tail of my truck and start down the street. As they got down towards me I motioned them to stop and asked the young 16 year old female where she was going. She said "her friends house." I told her she was going to have to turn around and go the other direction. She told me "she always goes this way". I told her she couldn't today and she promptly asked why. " I kindly explained to her that there was an accident blocking the road completely. She then asked if there was anyway to drive around it. I told her no she was going to have to find a different way. She turned around and started to drive away and stopped at my truck. When I walked up there I asked her if she needed directions and she said no but she wanted someone to move the truck so she could get by. I asked her why she didn't drive through the yard again like she did last time to get around. She told me the truck wasn't there when she came by the first time. I dropped it at that and moved the truck out of the way.
i was sitting at local restaurant when a table beside us was down grading fireman about standing in the middle of the road and collecting money for Jerrys Kids and what business we had collecting money for then when they have a telethon. It took everything i had from saying anything to them about it. It just shows anything we do we get critizied for doing something good.
We responded to a car fire that was about half a block from one of our retired members house. We run our tanker to car fires first out and it has scba's in the rear compartment. While I was putting the scba on this retired FF comes walking up to me & said "put the F***ing airpack down and put some water on that car". Now the car was fully engulfed when we arrived so we werent going to save it anyways. I had the police escort him off our fire scene. He tried to complain to the chief but the chief told him I did everything correctly.
old dog huh.
and here too John...

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