What do you think works best for removing plastic before you make a cut. I'm seen a lot of comments on the FUBAR, and have seen a demonstration of the Ajax stripper. I've considered working on a homemade, heavier version of a carpet knife or putty knife, but would like to hear what you think works..good or bad. Thanks. Jim

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I've seen the simple flathead screwdriver and even the tang from a spanner wrench work just as good.
the Firefighters swiss army tool.....The haligan handles it quite well....sink the pike and lever it off.....Paul
The best tools I've found are a large flat head screwdriver combined with a Bear Claw for areas where cutting is required.

If you use the Bear Claw, get the rescue version with the blunt tip.

I actually use a screwdriver-type pry bar along with the Bear Claw.
I just got the Gerber Rescue knife.....almost forgot about it.....LOL...Some of the guys call me McGyver...I have about anything that I might need nearby.....LOL Paul
A halligan is a pretty big tool to use in close proximity to a patient inside a vehicle. You really don't need that much leverage to remove a piece of plastic trim, do you?
i have found that most times a spanner wrench works well.
These days you have to be extra careful. Could be high voltage wire or air bags under that plastic. Spanner works fine.
In close quarters an officer's tools works great to split the plastic away.
High voltage doesn't run there but you are right...air bag or seat belt pretensioner sometimes does...thats why we disable the 12 volt power source BEFORE we cut and rip....the gerber has a good prying blade....Paul

Yeah Ben, I definately think that tool would um remove the plastic um and um there wouldn't be a need to um worry about the airbags going off um....but you don't think that is too much do you? :-D

(I know what you are getting at though)
Prsonally I prefer regular C-4 plastic....it molds much better and you can make cute little animals out of it ...then blow the crap out of them (and anything else).....LOL Paul

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