How is your department handling respect issues with your 16 to 20-somethings? How does the entitlement generation learn to earn respect when so many think they are just entitled to it.

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If I trust you, I respect you.  If I can't trust you, I don't respect you.

If you walk into my station and I don't know you, I can't trust you.  Especially when our job is what it is.  Prove yourself, and the story changes.

everyone is entitled to respect as long as they give respect in return

Spot on Sarah!

I think the problem with this topic (Of which a quick search brings up 342 page hits with the word on FFN!!!) is that there is different interpretations of the word and the context that it's used in.


I can hear the dad now...."..'at's ma boy".

definitly, earning trust 

I have not noticed any issues with lack of respect for the younger group (the explorers). They work just as hard as the other career and volunteers. A really good group of kids.

Eric said it perfect.  Recently we had a guy join our volunteer dept, he is a career firefighter on a local industrial fire brigade and has a stack of certs, he just moved here and was a member of the other volunteer dept.  Even with all of that I wanted to work with him a few times at drills and calls to see what he knew and how he reacted to certain things.  It only took one fire call and two drills and he had my full trust and respect, and I told him that.  He told me he was doing the same with me as officer and I passed his test in less time, so we are now inseparable at fires and we always work together.  Trust.  And respect...EARNED.  The way it should...

As someone who has been around for 30 some years in the fire service, I have seen different problems with respect by a few either in the ranks or coming into the service.

Volunteer wise I have seen how cell phones and texting has gotten in the way during a training night at the station. Volunteer officer could be discussing a procedure about fighting a fire in a house and 2 or 3 members will be sitting texting or playing a game on their cell phone instead of listening.

I know when I came into the fire service you listened to what was being discussed because none of this technology was around.

When I have attended any classes outside the dept the instructor will advise everyone in there to turn off or silent their cell phones or other devices and not answer them during their class or leave the class and not return.  

Now you have some new members who will come in and will say or indicate "Show me what I need to know". Then you have the ones that come in and will say or indicate "Show me what you think I need to know".

I have seen some people get a position and then they think are over everyone and not be a line officer.

I had a member in the dept that didn't know I was a senior member and would jump into a situation and takeover. This member ended up disgracing himself and another member and almost put our dept in trouble over a ambulance call which cause a death.

I believe everyone should respect everyone and know how to work with their people and others outside the dept. 


Great question: I was doing some pump training with some young guys and we got into a "disagreement" over how to roll a 15ft  2-1/2 pony we use to fill the engine.

I rolled the hose backwards (female in the roll, male end out) and a few decided to have a laugh at my expense about me being old and not knowing what i was doing. I smiled overhearing it and said to the most jovial one, I'll bet you dinner that i can keep a deck gun with a 2 inch tip flowing at 150 psi simulating 2 handlines flowing without intruption of water and establish a water supply before running out of water

not wanting to back down to an old guy he took me up on the bet but he wanted the specifics of the bet

you put the truck in pump and flow water from the tank then you flush the hydrant and make your connection (by the way, the truck  is a 1250 gpm with a 500 gal tank)...if you run out of water before the hydrant connection is established and that is defined as "a loss or diminishment of flow", you loose

i allowed him to go first and he could not do it and was shocked when i could because the reversed roll allows me to make only one trip to the hydrant

i didnt rub it in his face but i told them all that in this business you learn things that are different than what you learned in fire school because this job causes us to cut corners to make things work. as you gain expience you discover that some shortcuts are not ok but if it gets the job done and its safe, there is no foul so look at this as a learning expierence because what i did to you, was done to me when i was a young guy and i learned from it and now i'm passing it on to you


I let him buy me a soda, called it even and skip the dinner

as a contributer to the fire academy i tell them that you must go along with the program here because ewe teach a structered curriculem, but when you start on the job, things are gonna be different than what you're used to because thats the way is it

How do we know thats true?

the person that first mated a haligan and an axe must have caught hell from the guy that teaches you how to correctly move with them sepeately

again a great topic and good posts

he's flippin off my team the Blackburn Rovers


{yes, i looked up european football teams and picked one just to write this post}

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