How does your dept. handle MVA's? Do you have a rescue truck or do you just use your engine? If you have a rescue, is it light, medium, or heavy? What kind of equpment do you have on it? My dept. runs a medium duty rescue that has an onboard PTO generator that runs pre connected extrication equipment, a 20 ft. telescoping light tower, full sets of lift bags and rams, hand tools, various saws and scene lighting. As well as other tools and water rescue equipment.

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Are dept. runs a rescue and a engine to all mvas. Are rescue sounds like it is set up alot like yours.
On accidents, we run our rescue pumper, an engine plus our suburban for additional manpower.
We Run a rescue,engine,and a utility on all mvas in our 1st due
We run our brush truck , that has all the gear on it to handle a MVA and we also take our Rescue truck that has all of the hydraulic extrication tools in it .
We Ran an 85 LaFrance As Our Rescue/Engine And a 91 GMC TopKick as a back up Rescue which Also doubles as our Air Truck
If the roads are slick, we roll our squad first. Our rescue pumper is usually right behind. Both trucks are equipped with jaws. The pumper has 2 sets on board, along with rescue struts and auto-cribs. We just got a brake pedal cutter, which we switch between the pumper and the squad depending upon the weather. We also carry a good old-fashioned Sawzall on the squad.
MVA engine or truck and a medic rescue alarm engine, truck, squad, heavy rescue, medic, battalion chief of em,s and a ems supervisor
Who built your Squads? We just got one almost identicle this year built by pierce. We use it as an air/support truck. They are huge and have lots of room!!!!!
My department doesn't have a Rescue, We have two Rescues on our first alarm with entrapment from neighboring depts. 1 heavy and 1 medium. We respond our Engine, which has cribbing and a combi tool if needed or to get things started and for support. we run our engine for support to our neighboring departments for MVA with entrapment.
We run one engine and one heavy rescue squad to mva's, both carry extrication and vehicle stablization equipment as well as traffic control. The engine and squad both position to protect the scene from either side, the squad has a light tower, pto generator, preconnected hydraulic tools, portable hydraulic tools, air bags, struts, and cribbing. The engine carries another set of portable hydraulic tools, fire suppression, air bags, and traffic control. Both also carry numerous handtools and power tools. We also dispatch one ambulance for each vehicle involved unless there are reports of more patients involved then more may be added to the assignment. Also other engines may respond if there is additional fire suppression or extrication needed.
dunbar runs a med. rescue with hurst equip. we have 32 inch spreaders 3 combi tools 2 o cutters 1 small 1 med and 1 large ram. hand tools to many to name lol we have tele lights but not many we have 2 porta power for our hurst saws air chisels a how made dash lifter (works good on brake pedals and steering wheels as well.
In my dept we always roll our first engine then our heavy rescue. I wish our first engine had the jaws at times though, because most of the time if we have entrapment we still have to wait for the rescue anyways. the only time the engine benfits at being first is when the car is on fire or something that is about it really.

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