hey yall. i know that this topic can be a very controversial one, but i just wanna get some of your feelings on this.

what do you guys think about having a relationship with a girl (guys) or guy (girls)? now, befor you ansewer, a few things might change your mind----- maybe if you are in a leadership role within your post (president, chief, captain, etc), your decision making 'skills' might be impared bc you favor one person (your lover lol) over the rest of the mebers.

what do ya think???

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word of advice. keep the relationship part out of the post. none of that belongs in ff. seperate the two some how. good luck
Not a good thing at all. What a person does outside of their role or Department is their personal business. However, its rolls over into the Department business because of the couples interaction on the department. Especially if as you say its an officer or such. Can sometimes really create problems within an organization if it isnt handled.
Whatever floots your boat, could sink it as well. Not a good idea
agreed. BUT (me playing devils advocate) it can have a positive effect on the department or the post (the effect of which i have yet to figure out)

for me being the president, its just a pain to have couples flirting and making out and suck while we are trying to have a drill or meeting. not only are they missing out, but the other jrffs r being distracted
ha. ha. ha. lol
What you are talking about is teenage puppy love........ How cute! It's fine, in the explorer world, and between explorers. You have no REAL authority (i.e. life and death decisions), even if you THINK you do. So if she is SO HOT, have fun!
Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez are you kidding me? Get a girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever...why do we have to hear about it in this forum?

Damnthing.....You need to pass that note behind gym to trevor now.

However, if you are the 'president' you don't seem to be doing a good job if they are flirting, making out and suck (your word), during your meetings. Is it that if you think you now make a rule against it it will stop? Having relationships is one thing, if they are using your 'post' as the local make-out spot...you are already in trouble my young friend!
Well said Chief. My husband and I are both firefighters and sometimes it is hard to leave personal problems at home. On a good note we are harder on each other as far as saftey and training than our chief officers, we try to keep each other in line.
good Idea, relations in the firehouse (like PDA) bad thing
wow dude. way to be a dick. i just wanted honest advice.
btw jake, if u didnt wanna hear about this, why click on the link; why read the post(s); why reply if this is SUCH a rediculous topic?

remind me not to go in with you......
When you mix pleasure with work ... BOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM.. Hot or not .Big problems How old are you that you use the big words like Sooooo Hot.. Really ??????????
I heard that Dr Ruth is giving out free advice on her web site...

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