I was just reading a post that started in 2007 and it caught some fresh wind recently.( http://www.firefighternation.com/forum/topics/rehab-policies-when-d... )  It was kind of weird to look at the posting from what it only three years but anywho.... It sounds like there is a conscious effort by everyone in this post for rehab for the physical players at a scene. Just for an ahhhh moment though contemplate this;

One of the ideas of a good rehab is to remove the person from as much of the scene has possible. In order to this we put them in trucks, behind trucks; anywhere they don’t have a direct site and minimal audio stimulation from the scene, right? We do this so that they can “rehab”.

I have a quick question for you all. What about the perhaps “non-physical” positions at the scene. What about the IC and other officers on the scene. When do they get to rehab? It seems like at least a couple of times a year I see the report of this IC or scene officer collapses from a medical emergency.

Being put in these positions, especially for small departments that way not get long extended operations, can be very mentally taxing. This creates stress in the body and the system starts kicking it up a notch. Now I understand the reasoning behind rehabbing attack crews and other physically working personnel, but they are able to physically “burn” off some of the stressors and chemicals that are being pumped into the body. They can physically work out some of that stress. Haven’t we all heard know that physical activity is a great way to relieve stress? Do you think that this is just because it is giving you something to kill the time? No, physical activity burns off the chemicals that are being pushed through out our bodies when we are under stress. Standing around absorbing everyone else’s stress is never good, and this is what the IC does at every scene.

So my question to you all is what is your standard for the IC and other officers on the scene? When do they get to rehab? Is there mental well being effecting them physically? I know that there are a lot of “John Wayne” ICs out there that are going to read this and just brush it off. Then the next time you are in charge of an extended operation think about how physically worn out you are, why? You probably didn’t physically exert yourself as much has others. It is all of the scene stressors pilling up and looking for a way out. Like I said in the beginning just something to make you go ahhhh.

Be safe and learn something new today.

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