This is really not fire service related, but I do know that many of you have previous military service. What steps would you suggest I take when I go there to the recruitment station. What precautions can i take to reduce the risk of being sent to Alaska in a radio station.

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Have you taken the ASVAB yet? Every job has its qualification requirements based on how you do on the ASVAB. The QT score really means nothing, it’s the raw scores on each section that determine eligibility for a MOS (called a rating in the Navy). Other things that might determine your qualification for a MOS are color vision, hearing issues, civil involvement, drug use, etc. The thing to remember about the recruiting station is that they are there to sell you on the idea of being a Marine, Sailor, Soldier or Airman. They can’t guarantee you a job at the recruiting station. AT ALL. It’s all done at MEPS. They want your butt on the bus as fast as possible, processing at MEPS, choose a MOS, swear in, minimum time in DEP and off to MCRD. Don’t get me wrong they want you to be happy with whatever job you choose, you’re more likely to ship to boot camp when the time comes.
Recruiters are there for preliminary screening and to do paperwork. Once they drop you off at the MEPS, they’ll be hands off until you are done for the day. The process will go something like this:
• Go to recruiter, answer and ask basic questions, ie. Ever been arrested, have a HS diploma, any drug use, etc
• Decide to enlist? Time for paperwork.
• Go to MEPS, take physical, if you pass, sit down with job counselor (or whatever USMC calls it), pick job, choose date to go to boot camp, swear in to USMC IRR (individual ready reserve) also know as delayed entry
• Back to recruitment station, meet with gunny or top, keep in touch with recruiter until boot amp day, how often will differ between services and even recruitment stations. At least monthly would be a safe bet.
• Back to MEPS on ship day, new physical, swear in to active duty, go to boot camp, get a haircut, etc.

If you don’t get offered a job you want to do, it is your choice after all, don’t sign anything. They want your commitment that day. If you choose a MOS that you know you won’t be happy doing for the next 4 years, all you will accomplish is to make yourself miserable, some sergeant miserable, and the rest of your squad/platoon/company wish you would stop complaining.
Thanks, and I really appreciate the last part, I'm good to go with all that the ASVAB is scored a 100 no mistakes. Yet I really am interested with the LAV divisions, I don't know why but when I see those vehicles combined with infantry forces a smile is put on my face. Also, the base that's near me seems to need that upcoming soon enough.

As a Veteran Marine myself I would recommend that you completely pay attention to what you are told by your recruiter, and follow that information up with your own research. A recruiter, no matter what he says, is just looking to get you to sign up and ship to Boot.


Like Chief Dino said, assure the MOS you choose is the one you WANT (if you don't pick before shipping you'll be "open contract" and the Corps will place you where they need you).


At the end of the day what you put into your service is what you will get out of it.

As a former Marine I agree with the other comments. I would also suggest you play "hard to get" go in ask the questions you have and then tell them you want to go home and think about it. They will definitely be back in contact with you. Check on the best offers they have. I missed a $3,000.00 signing bonus 20 plus  years ago because I just signed up without asking more questions.


Get the best offers from the other branches of service even if you are serious about being a Marine. Make sure you don't pass up something else. But remember, the title, "United States Marine" is earned, not given. You are in the Navy, in the Army, in the Air Force, But once you graduate from Boot Camp you ARE a MARINE and the change is forever. That is not just a recruiting slogan. You will always have other people give you more respect than those around you. I can't tell you how many times I have heard someone say, "I almost went into the Marines but.....(insert various excuses here)"


If you are interested in LAV's you have to be able to swim better than most. If you can't swim well enough it will void your contract and they will send you where they need you. LAV's are also very cramped spaces. If you are claustrophobic it is not for you.


You need to remember that all contracts have certain conditions that you have to meet. They will sign you up to be anything but if you fail the MOS School or can't meet any special requirements that MOS has (you are color blind, can't get the required security clearance, etc.) then you are not in compliance with your part of the contract and they can send you where they want.


Regardless of what MOS you end up with, if you are a Marine it will open a lot of doors and prepare you for a lot of things later on in life. When you say I am a Marine, it means something. Especially to all of us that are also Marines. 


I have 4 college degrees including a Masters degree but the most important accomplishment in my life is the title Marine I earned on September 6, 1985. 

I wish you the best.


I can't tell you how many times I have heard someone say, "I almost went into the Marines but.....(insert various excuses here)"


Like....I realized my intelligence level was beyond that of a termite and decided to be Navy instead?




I've heard much better insults but you shouldn't expect too much from a squid.  :)
At least the Navy is useful for getting us to the fight. :)
Thank you for your service to our country. I seriously appreciate it.
This is a great reply thank you very much for your experience we already went down and I'm pretty excited they are thinking of allowing me the MOS of firefighting in the aviation branch.
Sounds great. I wish you the very best.

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