For anyone out there that has any info on pagers..
I have a motorola MINITOR III 2 channel, stored voice and all that jazz... My question is, can a 2 channel be programmed to vibrate alert if I only have one of the channels occupied...It is acting like a single channel pager, but it is capeable of two...

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Jacob, Again, Not to be disrespectful to you, but I read your profile, and your not a
firefighter, you are still in high school, you say that you are in the juniors in the department
yet in another discussion you posted, you say that your department dose not have a junior
program. I am confused, and this discussion is even more confusing. Why do you even have
a pager, and your question dose not even make much sence.
Again, I feel as if you should end this discussion, for the reason that you don't really know
what you are saying, what is all that jazz mean any way. With the three discussions you have posted
none really make much sence. I feel you will get better answers from within your own department.
I carry a minitor 4 and it has station a is audible on my tones only b is vibrate on my tones only c is audible open where I can hear eveything and d is vibrate where I can hear eveything
I do know what I'm saying. Its a little easier saying it than writting it..And no, I am not a official JR firefighter because my dept has not organised one yet...And Caleb, the reason I have a pager, is so I can get special detail reports, I can be on the scene of a fire to help with the after math,(none firefighting tasks ect)But I fall under the catergory of Volunteer rather than JR Firefighter...But I'm closer to being a JR firefighter than a firefighter..That's why my profile says,"JR firefighter".
Jacob, talk to the people who programed the pager. If its capable they can do it for you.

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