I haven't seen this topic covered here, and I was looking to get anyone's thoughts on it. I was wondering if there is anything to prevent fogging on a Firefighter's mask. I know that there are liquids that you can put on a S.C.U.B.A. mask to prevent fogging, but that's S.C.U.B.A. diving and not firefighting. If there isn't anything like this for our masks, what would the same stuff that divers use do for us. I know that it's made for divers and I understand that they don't have to deal with the radiant heat aspect or what that might do to a substance applied to the inside of the mask. Just looking to see if anyone knows anything about this.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I did already know that little trick, handy isn't it. I don't do it too often though and I know alot of people take issue with the "abuse" of the air anyway. Sometimes I do it when I feel it's necessary.
Yeah, I think that's the point that guys try to get across when they tell people not to use that method. As I was saying before, I just don't know what kind of chemicals the S.C.U.B.A. liquid is made of and what heat could do to it. Then again, I guess if it's that hot where you are, there will probably be enough smoke that the fog wouldn't matter anyway.
Shaving cream or baby shampoo. smear it on, then wipe it off. It works on S.C.B.A., Glasses, and Haz-mat suits.
zooke, either the spray or the paste wax works amazingly but i'm not sure where a person can even get it anymore. Their website used to be zooke.com.
I just checked, it still is a valid website. And you can buy it right off the website.
I've never heard of this. thanks!
Baby shampoo is cheap and works. I use a product called Cat Crap, it is made for ski goggles, works great.
But don't you want the most air you can have, I'm not going in with you when we're secound team and you keep purging because you can't see, then I have to come out because you can't manage your air. Remember air management is a must!
OK I have read this one for a few days... and I must jump in on the responses. I personally can't remember when this last happened to me... oh thats right, probably FF1. Thats when we would put them on and wait around forever for evolutions to start... and the purge valve definately works. But since then, I have seen too many near miss situations related to fog and this exact topic and it needs to be clarified by a behavioral modification, ie. training.

I see alot of newbie's donning their mask while the truck is going down the road. BAD HABIT By the time you arrive, you can't see because of fog, and this hinders your ability to step off the truck safely, locate your tools and equipment, and more importantly, get a good look at the dwelling that you are making entry on.

Then again, I come out from a fire (first due) and see people in staging or RIT who are standing around with their masks on? How do you know your assignment is going to need a mask donned? Wishful thinking... I once came out from a mutual aid fire in 97, carrying a 9 year old who we just found during a search in respiratory arrest. I had 10+ people standing in the driveway that had no clue I needed help with the victim because of fog... I actually carried him all the way to the ambulance one block away. THEY COULDN'T SEE ME or anything else on that fire ground. Just poor habits...

Here is a thought, FF1 is over.... start training to put your mask on quickly and correctly at the entry door just prior to going in. It should take 15 seconds maxx. This eliminates the trip hazards, lack of communications, and missing any vitally important factors. It also forces you to "slow down" your emotions and adrenaline and actually "see" a good size-up of the dwelling, the fire conditions, allows better communications with your crew, witnesses or victims.

It is amazing what you will pick up while donning the face piece just prior to making entry. Therefore, We use no cleaners, sprays or shaving creams... Fog problem adverted and it was free.

To get your mask to stop fogging up, stop putting it on until your about to walk in the residence. Having your mask on for 4 minutes before you walk in saves what?
when i played hockey, there was a spray we used to use on our visors, that you can probably pick up at your local sports store. I can't see it being harmful to an SCBA mask. That and the good old reliable shampoo.
Read all the posts...find a few interesting...Also think I smell a little Bullsh_t too......Hmmmm.....Good thing there are 100 hours in a day......Stay safe and keep the faith all......Paul

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