I am at the last phase of getting a full time fire department job and I have my psych eval scheduled for next week.  I wasn't nervous until I read that 40% of people fail them.  Any tips/advice?

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For the most part, try not to sweat it, don't put too much thought into the questions, just answer them honestly. Such tests are more about consistency rather than diagnosing some psych issue or condition and IMO, are a waste of time and money.


I would say to expect a written type of test asking a series of questions. Such questions will be simplistic in nature, but there will be many of them so you can't take too much time. You may see things like "I like to analyze data" and 20 questions later something like "I don't find data analyzing enjoyable". So basically you get a bunch of questions worded differently. Also, when answering, try to stay away from choices like Stongly Agree or Strongly Disagree or no opinion.....stick wick a simple agree and disagree.


Some tests incorporate some time with a psychologist and is an informal type of talk for the most part, but try not to get too worked up or stressed out, because that can impact your results.


I've said it before and will continue to, I don't see a value in psych tests. I don't see nor understand how someone who doesn't do this job, hasn't done the job, or will do the job can make such determinations if someone is able to do the job or not. Such tests do not diagnose psych issues, nor are such tests an indicator of how well or poor one would do on the job and they don't give any indication that a person will "snap" in the future. They are about consistency with repetitive questions.


And yes, you are right that there are many who have failed such tests in the past. However, the comical thing is that many of those who failed have gone on to other departments, or were hired on the testing dept in the next cycle. Our dept just hired a guy who was hired last time, but "failed" his psych test, reapplied and was hired for the next cycle.


So really, if such psych tests were so damn critical as so many departments and HRs place on the BS, then why are those past "failures" getting hired elsewhere or even later???? F-N psych tests.

Mr. Crabbe,

I appreciate your input.  I'm sure I have nothing to worry about.  I just get nervous because I have been trying for several years to get hired and I finally got my conditional offer and this is all that stands in my way!  I go Monday to for the psych eval, do you know how long it usually takes before you get the results?



One quick tip though do not be like Donald in Backdraft and say you want to burn it all, they might not accept you after that.

Good luck on your test.

Where are you applying?


Haha I think I'll shut my mouth about that stuff.  I'll PM you about where I'm applying.  I'm not 100% sure the I should voice it until I get the job :)


Are you taking a pysch eval or polygraph?

If it is like the tests I've done for the Nuclear Plants they are partly trying to see how you deal with stress. Just answer the questions honestly and REMAIN CALM. Many of the questions are designed to get you frustrated to see how you react. Questions like what type of flower do you like? If you were an artist what type of flower would you paint? Just remain calm and answer honestly. Do not try to give them the answer you think they want.

Good Luck!

Pysch eval..not polygraph.


The best advice I can give you for a psych test is "remind yourself that you aren't crazy" before you go in.  Because by the end of the test you will swear that you failed it and deserve to be institutionalized.  At least that's how I've felt after everyone I've taken.  Haven't failed one yet knock on wood.

Haha you're very right. I took the test Monday and it felt like I passed but there is really no way to know haha. We were all joking about hearing voices afterwards because that was the majority of the questions. It was about 20 questions made into 567 questions! I should find out Mon/Tues of the results and then I start in 2 weeks! Thanks for the advice everyone.

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