Should the pump operator stay at the engine or wander around the scene? I'm asking because one of our people has a habbit of setting the engine and walking of. We are a volunteer department and have two engines with the computer operated pump. Supposedly set your pressure and watch. We lost prime momentarily the other day and he was at the rear of the engine away from the panel(top mount). Seems that if you are not at the pump when something happens you stand a good chance of either screwing up a pump or getting someone hurt. This is why we have the top mount so the operator can watch the fireground.

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Why are your FFT and officer inside, if you are a 3-man crew? OSHA 2 in, 2 out, ever hear of it? Discipline is needed to wait for the second truck, but it's an unacceptable risk to enter w/ a 3-man crew. Yes, I know it's allowed for a possible rescue, but only then.
Are your chiefs "pushing" you to enter, or are you just too eager to get in ? This is a bigger safety problem than a SGT who has other things to do besides pulling levers. My job is flow lines, obtain supply, supply all tools needed by the crews inside, and monitor the bldg for possible fire growth. I'm not gonna wait for an officer to tell me a bldgs going bad, I'm gonna see it and respond.
If a SGT is away too much, call him on it. But, if he's moving to the rear of the truck so he can see conditions of the fire on the other side - he's doing his job. AND, the only time you can hear the radio is to get outside the "roar" of the pump.
To answer the question just above, if all are inside and you find victim at window, you make the rescue - BUT, the radio is used to announce that you're away from pump for rescue at window. That'll probably get you some help, AND it lets the crews know what's going on outside. AND you keep your ears on the pump.
So , IMHO, tie the SGT to the pump? - No. Is it still and always his problem - yes.

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