How many of you that are part of some kind of emergency service and have your
conceal carry? And then how do you deal with carrying? For example I am
a volunteer fireman and medical first responder. When I go on medical
calls I don't take my gun off. When I go on a fire call I have a holster
in my truck I put it in and lock up my truck or if leaving from home I
leave it there.

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We have many members that are ccw carriers myself included. Our chief has taken a different approach to weapons onboard.we have purchased locking "cash boxes" these are not the gatage sale special, the are designed to be drawer safes. We mounted them on the wall so the lid acts as like a shelf when open. If a call comes in and your packing you have 3 choices, A secure it in your vehicle, B secure it on "the wall" or C if you meet the squad on scene we have a locking compartment that could be used to store a members weapon or a patients weapon if they are packing (to be turned over to hospital security once pt care is transfered)
Very well thought out. I sure like the idea of having the safe on board in case a patient is packing. I do however, think members of our department should be prohibited from bringing weapons into the station or on calls.
This was discussed at length with the board, it was decided they would rather have the weapons locked up behind the station doors and a lock box versus them sitting in a vehicle glovebox or console. Really its no different than a leo taking a prisoner into a facility, the leo is not expected to lock his weapon in his vehicle and consider it to be secure. And for those that say well just leave it at home when the tones drop...your not always at home
If anyone wants more info on this id be more than happy to share how its set up and how the keys are handled
I just carry all the time and I know a fire = ammo is not good.
Why though? Why do you feel the need to carry while on a call, you didn't answer me.
At my vollie dept. we can have weapons inside our personal cars, the Chief and the board says they can't stop that but no weapons inside the firehouse. Also on calls all weapons have to be secured in your P.O.V. before getting out. We don't do medical calls but on all calls that we are dispatched on we can't have weapons on scene, unless they are in your P.O.V. At work we have a program with the sherriffs dept. that allows certain paramedics who have had tactical training to carry. We call them tactical medics, they are all paramedics and there aren't many of them. They train with the sherriffs dept to be able to go in with them on certain situations when called up so they can provide help to injured and be able to protect themselves should the need arise. Unless you have this kind of training, leave the weapons in your P.O.V. No need to carry them we aren't law enforcement and unless you have that in your job description, don't do it.
I would be interested in knowing how yall have done it.
Unfortunately, I live in Illinois. I doubt we will ever have a concealed carry law in this state. Although once we dump the anti gun poster boy Mayor (King Richard) Daley out of Chicago, perhaps things will begin to change. I'm not holding my breath though!
Again, I have to say, WOW!!!... I'm amazed that you people, that are carrying weapons on your rigs, would actually think it's okay. Do you really think, that you need to be the John Waynes, in scrubs, well that being said, I'll move on, with one more comment. Remember just one more thing. If you're carrying a loaded weapon, you'd better be ready to use, you also, had bet ter have an excellent attorney, because, you will be locked up, the minute the authorities arrive and chances are good, your going to be in civil court too.
I have my concealed weapon permit. However, I do not normally carry as anytime I am in town I am on duty. And why would I need to. We have the policy that there are no weapons in the station or on calls. No matter what the call is. We leave the weapons to the Police.

If you think you need a weapon at a scene, either stage and wait for the Police, or if you're already inside, back out and retreat to safety! There are enough incidents of Police Officers being shot with their own weapon. The last thing we need are FF's and Medics carrying sidearms! Taking their weapon would be like taking candy from a baby!

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