Hey team,

Our station is currently under a major revamp and therefore I am looking into your guidance into the creation of procedures and protocols for the station.

The basic story here is that currently there is no procedures / protocols / standards of practice that have been laid out in our station apart from 'verbal' (which are made up on the spot, may I add) therefore as stated there is no hard copy 'these are the procedures, you must abide them' for our station.

Its a big ask, and I appreciate and thank you in advance. But what I would like to know is.. what are your procedures / protocols / standards of practice for your stations?

I would like to know them for everything... from attending incidents..on the fire ground...social network usage / mobile phone usage.. on station etc. Just so there is no possible holes that the crew can slip through.

Also, I would like to know how do you display / get your crew to acknowledge these? Handouts? signed contract? book? wall plague? etc

And finally, if it comes down to it, how do you enforce or discipline crew that fail / repetedly go against the procedures / protocols / standards of practice laid out?

Many thanks and I really appreciate the time you put into your answers

Stay Safe out there

Ben 'Snapper' Auger

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Go to fire fighters close calls, they are currenlty writting SOPS/SOGS that you may be able to fit your needs. They also have posted SOGS from several departments that you can tailor for your use. We used this to assist us in developing our SOGS.
Cool sounds good, I'll go take a look.

Thanks team!
Much appreciated
i dont know if anyone touched on this or not, but in amongst your SOG's, be sure to set out uniform standards.

especially if you have women on your department. restrictions of what can be worn at the station is a must.

we had to make ours straight across the board. everyone wears the same things, everyone has the same restrictions. even if you don't have any women right now, anticipate them coming into the department. looking professional at all times makes things a lot easier down the road.

if you need help on that portion, send me a message, I can get you what we had to do with ours.

good luck to ya.
I agree with Charles. I'm the one that had to rewrite ours would be happy to send you a copy and help you out in anyway possible. Trust me I write a new one almost every month. Also after you get your SOP book done, make everyone read it and sign it. If they break a SOP then you have ground for a write up. I can also help you with that.
Hi Katina, if you could send me your SOPs that would be great :)

My email is benauger_10@hotmail.com

Yeah I totally agree with the ground for a write up, the problem would be just to get even the chief to sign it.

Thanks again

- Snapper
Heya Izzy,

Yeah uniforms at our station annoy me, because there is no discipline to how it should be worn and kept clean (including polished boots) which just frustrates me.

Yeah we have female members and currently they wear the same uniform as the males.

If you could email me your uniform information to : Benauger_10@hotmail.com that would be great, thank you :)

- Snapper
Check out the SOP link section at the botton of the page...

Look at other surrounding communities and their SOP's and SOG's. That will give you a general idea on what to draft up for your fire department. I have done that in the past and it has helped greatly. I also agree with Captain Frazer and what he has posted. Plus there are some handy books out there that may help you through this. I have had to rewrite guidelines and procedures before and it will be a long process but you will get through this. After all it is a learning experience!

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