In your dealings with new firefighters, what seems to be the biggest challenge?
What have you found to be the reason for the probies not getting the job done. Do these newbies decide to become career firefighters just because it looks cool?
Do they want the job because it's in their blood?
Or do they take on the position because they believe it's an easy job?
Lets here your thoughts on the topic

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But Jim its such a good topic to get started on lolol

And I will add I have been out of the service for a couple years now so it will be nice to go back to being a probie once I am eventually back on a dept. Some of the best times are as a probie.

I like your points. I believe that may of the new firefighters today do not come in with a craft which they did in years past. Prior to ten years ago you would see carpenters and electricians entering the fire service. This worked well. They had much of the hand eye coordination that is needed to become a good firefighter. As well they had the common sense thought process. This was common place in many departments. With this background these guys already had basic OJT that transferred into the firehouse nicely.

As we have seen many people forgetting; or not seeing what it takes to be a good firefighter. Many time's it is the wrong attitude for the job. As well they don't realize where and when to keep specific thoughts or attitude's in check. Though we can not forget much of this has to do with age. We can not forget what it was like when we were young pups also

You defiantly hit the training aspect where it needs to be in my opinion. That is right at the top. Many times we will receive young firefighters with very little training, or training so old that its dangerous. I recently was assigned a young firefighter who believes there is nothing wrong with what I believe serious and dangerous bad habits he is learning else where. What he has learned else where scares me. He believes there is nothing wrong with a booster line use in what he calls a 'SMALL STRUCTURE FIRE" I have explained how dangerous this is, and broken it all down. Unfortunately this person does not believe it. I hope I can change his mind or I'm afraid of the future outcome.
I'm a newbie and I kinda feel different because I'm on probation but I'm willing to do what ever it takes because this is what I want to do with my life I know it's gonna be awhile before I can do anything that I want but I know that's how the process works. I don't like the new one that think they can come in and think it's gonna be a walk in the park. It's told to them before they they get there that it's gonna be a hard road and some stay and some leave and the ones that leave are the ones that ant getting in there doing what they want. I'm working my tale off to get wahag I'm trying to get. That's my opinion 
thats how it was with me in my home town station thats why i moved bc they were all high and mighty and the dont speak unless ur spoken to and theyd beat our fire dog and they were real jerks even wen i worked my butt of and did everything they asked
Retraining them and trying to get them to forget the poor training they received elsewhere.
the entitlement seems to be the issue I see the most. They seem to think they've earned their place by making it through one academy. That and their detachment. To them its just a really cool job. It never occurs to alot of them that the people we see everyday are PEOPLE, and these people we're responding to are having the worst day of their life. They're in an MVA, having a heart attack, or their home is burning to the ground. They forget we're here to help alleviate some of that, and to help them. We're not here to be cool, or be heroes, or get chicks, whatever. We're here for the community, and thats our main and only mission.
He lasted that long with only one hand?
#3 seems to be a problem across the public safety spectrum. In Corrections the new jacks seem to think that they should get weekends off, their choice of job irregardless of seniority, and oh by the way why don't I get the July 4th and Christmas vacation periods. We fondly refer to them as IKE's....I Know Everything
I am at a volunteer Dept. I am only 18. I joined at 16 as a probationary member and after spending numerous hours studying, going over the apparatus and attending drills I was turned over to ride.
I went through the County's high school recruit program where I completed FireFighter 1, FireFighter 2, EMT-B. Rescue tech site ops and rescue tech vehicle extrication, haz-mat ops and some other courses.

Upon turning 18 I was voted upon and granted by the dept members for Operational status.

I have always maintained a fairly humble attitude and show respect because that's how I was raised and I know its what I need to do. I am a "Operational Firefighter" but I am still a rookie and know it.

What gets me into trouble is that when "new" (16/17, turned over to ride but have no certifications and are very limited by what they can do on scene) guys talk more shit than the paid guys that volunteer at my VFD. That aggravates me more than anything. Most are here for the wrong reasons. When I have a problem with them, i go to an officer who always agree with me because I am right. Not boasting here.

Then they call me all sorts of names lol.
There are three of em that do everything together and cause the most problems with one, the "ringleader" being the loudmouth that stirs the pot the most.
When I went to an officer one time concerning his actions he tried to cuss me out in life and on
facebook. Both times I presented my arguments for my actions for which he could only call me names.
I had a wall post on FB of-- "Good weekend and it aint over"
He said "F**k off
My reply "grow up? lol "
he then proceeded to cuss me out out and say that he knew i went to a sergeant over his actions
I then said yes I did and explained why his actions were immature and ignorant.
He then again expletived me up saying the only reason the officers agree with me is because I whine.
To which I further explained myself.
He never replied and then proceeded to delete his comments knowing I was right and attempting to prevent repercussions on himself.

I try not to argue over FH topics on facebook but he brought it up.

Slight tangent there but my point being that mature Probationary FF's exist.
I always am going over the apparatus, equipment and trying to learn more.

Respect is key I have found and earns you alot of trust and respect in return from the senior FF's and officers.
The key with trouble Probationary FF's is to as soon as you see them starting to become loudmouths and troublesome is to take them aside and speak to them and say that are being ignorant and making themselves and the dept look bad. Disciplinary action must be taken quickly to prevent their attitudes from spreading to others.

To answer the original questions.....

Being a FF/EMT is not in my blood. My Parents cannot understand why I do it.
They cannot understand the passion and the drive and desire behind why I do what I do. I cant fully explain it either. I know that I like helping people, I know I love what I have done and will continue to do. Being completely honest I also love the cool aspect of what I am able to do everyday and how mature men are able to ask me how I am able to do it.

Unfortunately I do not plan to pursue becoming a career FF.
I am 18 and have and outstanding job on a Navy Base as an Engineering Technician at the Ordnance Electric Lab working for a Contractor. I make great money, love my job, am getting my college paid for and have a lot of opportunity for advancement.

So ya long post.
Today I was able to go to work, go to college, run two motor vehicle accidents and do homework and eat dinner with my family. I'd call that a pretty good day.
Wouldn't you?
Hold on now Even as a booter you gotta know your place you should be a booter that is seen not heard.

That's progressive thinking- NOT!

So I can come to your FD with a wealth of experience in an industrial complex (such as a refinery), having been trained in confined space, work at heights, gas testing and a whole manner of other very relevant topics to the fire service, and by your thinking, I have nothing to offer LeeDell?
In my dept. the probies have to learn there place. All of our firefighters have red helmets, officers black, chiefs white of course, an probies have yellows. If there is a structure fire and a probie is on the rig and a ff comes to the rig, that probie has to give up his seat to that ff. Same basiclly goes for any an all calls, they have to earn the right to be called a firefighter. they have to get their training an complete their red books. I.E. Admin, fire behavior, roofs, nozzels etc. They have 6 months to a yr to comlete this book. But its up to the chief in the end if this probie is ready to become a firefighter. this weeds out the big heads the "blister" as one said and lazy ones as well. Mind you i'm on a volunteer dept. and thats our proceedure.

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