What kind of POV lights does everyone have and would anyone prefer some good lights or light setups to me.

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Actually I walk across the street to my station... lol
I know... lol... By the time the others show up we are ready to roll.
I make them help with the spring cleaning... hehehe
These Jr FF should not even be thinking about having lights most Dept's have a probie period even if you were on anther FD for years to where you can not have lights or a siren.
Thank you James Burton, you save me from saying it.
I would discourage departments from allowing lights on private vehicles. They offer no special privlidges, at least in my state, confuse other drivers that don' understand what a green light is for and may give the volunteer an impression of entitlement leading to aggressive and or dangerous driving. Most of these areas have few lights and little traffic which are the main time saving benefits of the regular emergency lights. It all comes down to risk benefit.

I agree with this.

I would like to know how many POV accidents there were when someone responded going lights and sirens?
I like that one.
we not allow to light up our pov's in snowflake az
I would but in one department, since we are allowed to drive direct in our 1st due, apparatus respond as soon as a driver shows up. In my other company, you have to be on an apparatus.
You know, in my state Red lights and Amber lights require similar permits from the state DOT.

If you're a volunteer FF, you are issued a Red Light permits through your department if you are authorized to run code.

If you own a construction company, or have a similar reason to have amber warning lights on your vehicles, you are issued an Amber Light Permit.

If the owner of a small paving company asked where he could get a good deal on amber warning lights for his vehicles, people would probably just point him towards where they thought he could get inexpensive warning lights...without the personal judgements and snide comments.

If you're permitted to have Red Warning lights on your personal vehicle, you're supervisor may or may not know the cheapest place to purchase warning lights, as he may have had his or her red lights for a few years, or may have an official vehicle to take home. Either way, the questions was simply "does anyone know where to get decent lights at a decent price?" I paraphrase, of course.


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