What kind of POV lights does everyone have and would anyone prefer some good lights or light setups to me.

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"...slow down kid, it will still be on fire when we get there".
Words to live by, figuratively AND literally.
Just a thought... correct me if I'm wrong but in most departments they want you to be at least 18 to run lights, then some departments don't let you run lights at all. Lights can give some people a power trip, in return causing, accidents on the way to the scene, breaking laws ect. So IMO you shouldn't get lights it would give you the feeling people HAVE to pull over for you and you can speed. Just use your 4 ways if you have to, some people pull over for them. But I guess it's not up to me, ask your Chief. Blue light card?
i or I it doesnt matter i can spell however i want its a free country your just a smartass person .......................................................... is that enough periods for you
Don't burn bridges you don't have to. Fire service is about taking help. Not being an asshole when you get "help" and listening to what YOU think you know.
all i asked for is some good advice on some lights but nope this smartass dude has to but in and correct my spelling he shouldnt me in the fire service if hes soooo concerned about my spelling go be a grade school teacher.
And just as a side note, so you dont have to clog the site with more worthless crap. I have a door chock and a flashlight on my Sam Houston helmet, that goes great with my Morning Pride turnouts!
P.S. I would suggest a good flashlight, it may be the one light that saves your ass!
He is a smart ass, we all are smart asses as one point or another in our lives, I am sure you can be as well. But dude you don't have to respond to remarks if you don't like it. You can ignore it.
You reined Travis's next thread. And yes flashlights are a VERY useful tool, having a good light could be the one thing that helps you find your way out. (Narrow light stream rather than wide angle lights)
and you can always promise to save the foundation...
Shame on you Mike... not answering the most salient firefighter question seen on any FFN post... what color is your helmet?

"Structure Fire"

CBz FFN Grammar Check:

You said:
Also there should be a period on the end on a sentence.

Suggested Sentence Structure:
Also, there should be a period on the end of the sentence.

The non-use of appropriate syntax and sentence structure could be said to be a degradation of our communications skills. This degradation can easily be compared and in many ways is synonymous to pyrolysis or what we more commonly call something that is on fire. So what we are dealing with here is a structure fire...

Just sayin'

Tomar's have the brightest leds, I'm looking to get some mini code3 to put in my grill, and then later a full size led light bar.

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