Hey guys, new to the site.

Wondering if any of you guys use lights on your personal vehicles. We use all blue lights here in SW PA. If any of you do, does any know how to make the led grill lights made by galls alternate?

Stay Safe Guys,


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Is there not a switcher that can be spliced in not for sure good guess or crappy guess
Nope, Just the red and black wire. I have installed alot of grill lights for other firefighters. And these ones were cheaper so I gave them a shot. The only way I know to alternate these ones is to put them on two switch bo
My mistake, I misread your reply. I could probably find a switcher, just wandering if anyone had any good products they suggested.
Well it really depends on the lights themselves. Most of the LED lights coming out now have 4 wires from each light head. one will be ground,one power,one pattern selection and one sync wire. With most u need to set them to the same flash pattern and then connect the sync wires together. Sometimes it takes some playing around with it.

i just looked at the galls light i think you have...Im pretty sure what i said will work. I hooked these up on our new brush truck and they alternate just fine.
Can't give any advice for the lights. Just wanted to say hey, from another southwestern pennsylvanian. :)
no our county fire chife want let us run lights and sirens on povs it sucks
Central PA here, blair county. I live 4 blocks from the fire hall, so I don't have blue lights. Most guys do. Our dept. policy is you have to be active (make at least 15% of calls annually) to run blue lights. Chief officers can have red lights and sirens. I know one guy that has a full light bar. He lives across the street from the hall. Literally, across the street. He responds to the fire hall on foot. Seriously.
He has a cape he wears. No lights, except for his personal signal light they illuminate in the sky when the governor deems his response necessary.
It's funny you say that, Kali....it sounds like you know the guy I'm talking about.
Zach, we dont do this as its against state law to use lights on a private vehicle.
we are not allowed to run lights on our povs because of state laws in oklahoma.plus it isn't that safe to run light on povs because people won't pull over for you any way.

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