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My department just got a PPV fan.  I am responsible to do research.  We are not going to put it in service until I have done research.  I am wanting to get info as to the good and bads for PPV.  All info would be helpful.  I also am needing to know where if any that I can download some FREE videos on PPV. 


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First of all a fan is a tool and like every tool out there it has it's uses and it has times when not to use. To take a PPV, good or bad approach, you are thus truly limiting the use of a tool. There are techniques like positive pressure attack where a fan is used prior to fire attack, a fan can be used after for smoke removal etc, but there is much more to it than good or bad. There are definately some times when the use of PPV is NOT indicated.....it takes training and knowledge, much more than just "good or bad".

If you want some good info check out www.positivepressureattack.com
These guys did a lot of research on the subject and should point you in the right direction.
Good response I agree completly, you must rememberthat size up, comunication and co-ordination are all very necessary at any time,but especially so when PPN is used. First practice, practice,practice the above evolutions then practice implementation of PPE. Used properly and in the right situation it can be a usefull tactic.
What kind of fan? Electric or gas? CBz
It is electric.
I have been looking at the website you provided. I found it earlier and keep going back to it.
It does have good info. Thanks for the post
Bro, you sure thats a PP Fan and not a smoke ejector? Question? Big diferance.
Its PPV. We already use a smoke ejector.
I'd love to hear some more on this. PPA is a new one on me and it seems the jury is strictly still out on this. The use of PP for knockdown is alien and anyone who could shed some light on the concept would be great.
The video didn't work for me.
Yes, there's still a use for the old school negative pressure type ventilation.

Interior rooms with a single ventilation point. To work properly PPV has to have an exhaust opening, something you don't have with a single vent point.

We've even used an old school smoke ejector in concert with PPV to speed the ventilation process by moving smoke from one portion of the structure to the PPV vent stream.
Has anyone ever thought about using sound waves to extinguish fires... Don't believe me? Seeing is believing...

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Learn something new everyday!

For anyone who has not seen these fans in use, check out this video I shot when I was working in my departments Logistics Section. We had salesmen coming by to show us the latest and greatest stuff out there.

PPV, Blower, whatever. it's all the same and it's all good with the baby. It runs off house current and doesn't have the nasty exhaust issues that other non-electric units have. The amount of air is controlled by a potentiometer knob that allows CFM specific adjustments verses wax on, wax off controls.

Also, do people still use the smoke ejector concept now that PPV has been around for so long and it has become an accepted practice?


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