Hello all just to let you no i am very intersted in joing the fire service and i have decided that i will be going to a two year college when i graduate(2 years left). I was just wondering what i am all going to do in this college..what is all going to happen in the Fire Year and what will happen in the Paramedic Year and will i have to be a EMT-B to go to this college or when i graduate from this college will i only be a EMT-B. Please give me advice on what to take in the class room. I am already doing ride alongs and thinking about becoming a junior thru a local college that allows teens to become a vollie. Hope i hear from you all

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well in the state of GA u have 2 have EMT -B & I before u can get your Paramedic...u definatly need 2 tlk 2 some1 in admissions or one of the staff in the field @ the college...
A college offering Fire Science teaches just that......FIRE SCIENCE....For you to get Paramed that would be a full 2 years of schooling alone....and that's with or without EMT-B...You can get an idea of what to expect by either looking at the college program description or by talking to one of their advisors....call the school, they would be happy I am sure to talk with you and maybe even give you a walk through of the school.....Good luck.........Stay safe......Paul
Im in the fire science program at my college... it might be different here than where you are but what i did is just take it slow... i have a full time job and when i can i go over to the New York State Academy of Fire Science and take a few classes. I havent graduated yet but i love doing it this way. its hands on and you get alot of experience doing things. I took EMT and alot of fire classes. im not really sure how your looking to do it but if you have any questions id be happy to explain in better detail how NY state does it... maybe it will give you a hint? i can send you some pictures of some classes and stuff? ... stay safe! ... Sally

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