Do you like pistol grips on the nozzle or no?  This video explains why I do not.  Also, how do you think the back-up firefighter should position himself in relation to the nozzle firefighter?

Nozzle & Back-up Techniques Video

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They both have their pros and cons. Myself I do not mind either way because I hold the nozzel out in front of me anyways.

As for the back up man. How ever he is comfortable and doing his job as long as he is not right on top of me, like some back up guys are. I want my scott pack on my back and thats it not a second person lol.
This was a great video, although I think that with proper training and dedication to using proper techniques why limit yourself by not having a pistol grip? Have the pistol grip, but train to use the nozzle action, not fight against it by horsing the nozzle around. Certainly, hoselines and nozzles have more uses than just those shown in the video where pistol grips may be useful. I'd like to add to this video with a Ray McCormack link from Urban Firefighter called THE BOUNCE which demonstrates sweeping the floor to keep your protective PPE bubble intact.

That back-up firefighter stuff was great, I was kind of doing that, but now I can approach it with more confidence having seen it done well.
Pistol grips belong on pistols, not nozzles. Just my opinion.
we have pistol grip nozzles on our hoses and they are sweet and allow more controll of the hose,when i went to live fire they had regular nozzles which i found a lot more difficult to drag around during building search,as for the second man he should be about a arms length behind me so as not to cluster everything up
We have the pistol grip nozzles on all of our hand lines and feel i have a little more control with them especially the 2-1/2 hand line , I tell my back up person to be behind me at least a arms length or more so i can move the line up , down, side to side easier .
If you look at approx 1:20, you'll see the crew using the bounce. It's a basic tactic in the FDNY.
You bring up an entirely different issue. Hoselines are for putting out fire, not searching. I don't mind searching off of the hoseline in a large commercial building but having the search team "drag" a line around with them while searching will only slow the search and not allow them to search effectively.
But do you have a good sweep and control when doing the actions shown in the video without moving your body too much? I like for over 200 years we used nozzles without pistol grips and never had a problem. Just saying :)
We have pistol grips on our front line rigs. I like them, I think they are easier to advance and to control with fog nozzles.
I like having a little bit of room between the nozzle and back-up person for adjusting, but like was stated, wherever they are comfortable works with me.
On a 2.5" we generally use webbing/hose strap on it and that makes moving it easier.

And I am sure that some of you are gonna bitch about how wrong we are for using fog nozzles over smooth bore...
#1 you can vent with a smooth bore nozzle.

#2 I wouldn't choose a nozzle for its ventilation capability just as I wouldn't choose a ventilation saw for its fire extinguishing capability. A nozzle IS a method of ventilation, but as a good friend once said... so is dropping a refrigerator from a helicopter to put a hole in the roof.
We use CAFS and pistol grips are a must because of the initial reaction.

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