Need some senarios for patient assessment training plz help ty

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Are you talking trauma or medical?

We are an explorer post and we need senarios for patient assessment, medical or trauma it does not matter

Contact the state agency that manages EMT and Paramedic certications and licenses.  They often have banks of patient scenarios that have everything in them, they may be able to provide with a booklet of scenarios. 

We use some based on prior calls. It really helps with learning! ;) Get creative!

Check out I used this when I was taking my EMT, and I believe that there are scenarios on there.

when I teach I try to use past calls, usually ones that didint go so well or ones that someone told me about where something wasnt done right. Learn from our own mistakes and the mistakes of others.

its kind of silly but i like putting index cards with symptoms or signs on various parts of a patient's body and having the medic treat based on that...(ie) left arm has an index card that says "visable defomaty" on a ankle, "no distal pulse", on the chest, "difficulty breathing, blue skin"... that kind of thing

We just did this training last week. I set up three evolutions in three different areas. I had my patients fully preped on how to not only act out their evolution but responses to the most likely actions of my FF's. All three evolutions were based on calls this department has run in the last few years with a few "tweeks". The first evolution was "dispatched as MVA vehicle vs bicycle pediatic patient involved" I had an 8 yo male that we laid a bike over with head trauma, road rash to his right arm, deformity/poss. fracture of the femur, and the patient was preped to scream when they FF's checked his pelvis (in evolution it was unstable). Evolution 2 was dispatched "unresponsive" 25 yo male sitting in chair surrounded by food. Decresed HR, Resp rate..... he turned into a full arrest moments after FF's arrived. Third evolution was a stroke pt.


I had my FF's broken down into teams there was an index card with any "obvious" injuries they would see on arrival. They had to obtain actual vitals before the evaluator gave them another index card with scenario vitals. As an Expoler post get with the medical officer of the department you are with and ask for advice. If they are unable to help contact you local EMS (if different from your dept) most will help with set up and depending on scheduels will help evaluate.


Hope this helped and if you need more you can contact me.

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