We all have been trained on how to use this equipment, but has anyone used it in the field? During training I was told, "You have to know this to be licensed, but don't count on ever seeing it again." And I haven't ever seen them again. Maybe I just never had the opportunity. What's everyone else's experience with these?

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I know what you mean...I have experienced the same exact thing.....
I used them twice in 25 years We haven't carried them at this department for the last 15 years. Too many studies have shown that they do more harm than good.
Yes, but more along the line of compartment syndrome.
Used them about 20 yrs ago but most ER's/OR's didn't know how to get them off the pt sometimes they would cut the mast and then have to buy the service a new set. Do know that we had 2 pair that went to the fire cause they were bloody, guess noone realized they could be decontaminated. State dropped requirement to carry on units and Med Control quit advising to use them.
We are in the process of removing ours from service. There is no current indication for their use other than as an air splint, and there are better ways to splint the pelvis and the legs. By "better", I mean easier, faster, require less patient movement, and backed up by scientific studies.
Use to be part of the Emt hands on test to explain how to use them... I have to agree most of the time it's a load and go with the pt.. I have done Ems for a long time and have never seen them used.... More of a pain to put them on than to load and go..
I have been in the field for 28 years. When I first started we used them a lot. I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of MAST. We stopped using them ahout 15 years ago.
never used em in the field....we are 10 minutes away from the er, so no use for em....
Our dept carries them. I use them alot. Now when I say alot I am talking 3 - 4 times in the last 6 years and maybe 6-8 times in my career. I have used them this year in fact back in august on a car vs motorcycle. If used properly and on the proper pt., they are extremely effective. I know alot of depts that have taken them off their rigs, luckily we have not nor have the county units. They are a useful tool and sometimes under utilized, kinda like nasal trumpets which is one of the most under used tools in the bag. As far as "load and go" they can be put on the LBB and secured to the pt in under 30 seconds and are part of the process of loading. They can be inflated to proper pressure in less than 30-45 seconds also. Like everything else we do, if we are not familiar with the item, on a call is not the time to learn how to use it wrong!! Train, Gain, Use.
these were taken off our paramedic rescues years ago because the medical director saw no direct benefit for these units... I would like to share though that we had an unconscious female with a ruptured ectopic pregnancy that regained consciousness after the unit was placed and a large bore IV with fluids were administered. this was years ago when I was a new medic and I remember these being new to the field, the er nurse removed it as I was entering the room and the patient crashed... they almost lost her and the doctor in the er yelled to get that damn thing pumped back up again... I know there are really good medical reasons why they were taken off the rigs, I just don't recall exactly why... anyone have an idea? some sort of medical protocol...
I have been trained to use them, but never did. In our ems system, we had to get an order from the doctor even to inflate them. So why even mess with putting them on?
I don't even know if anyone around here carries them...I know we don't. Back when I was down in LA County, we had major restrictions on their use...so much so that many departments either removed them altogether (that's what my VFD did) or carried them but never used them

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