I don't believe i've seen anything on here yet regarding this crisis on our gulf. Just wondering if any of ya'll out there is involved with helping with the cleanup etc.. Any thoughts on this amazing blunder by our government/oil companies. I'm from Mississippi so it's hit home for me, in the next week or so I'm hopefully heading to the coast to assist with the clean up. Anyone else involved?

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How is this a blunder by the government? I guess you could say this is a failure of government regulation, and the corruption at the MMS under the last administration (and spilling over into this one) was well known... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minerals_Management_Service#Controversies
How was this an amazing blunder on the part of our government?
More or less like you said a failure of regulation. It just amazes me how after 6 weeks they still aren't perfectly certain on how to shut this down. It's ruining lives and our environment
Maybe I should have just left out the government part, mainly the oil company. However there should be more regulations on this type of thing. Basically don't bite off more than you can chew, or in this case drill to far down to be able to solve a problem if one arises.
I think Vic fingered the issue with the part of lack of regulations. Big business (capitalism) begrudges any kind of regulation. The lack of regulation is more a function of lobbyists and politicians than any particular 'government'.

I agree that (in this case) if they've drilled so deep that they can not effectively repair or shut down the well, the idea of super deep wells may need to be re-thought. Of course, they drill for oil to supply a need that has outgrown it's local supply. They dig for it because we burn it, maybe all of us should take some of the blame as well. Big ole pick-em-ups use up a lot of gas (or diesel).
Yeah, either way it goes, its a mess, and its gonna take awhile to fix it, and tons of tax dollars. But enough about the government/oil company thing. My main point of this post was to find other people who will be helping with the cleanup, and what they're doing.
Sorry to threadjack you, Coty. You mentioned you are headed for the coast. What will you be doing? Are you scrubbing seagulls?
It's no prob. I'm not really sure, I'm currently unemployed and I heard that someone nearby was hiring people to go to the coast to help. I haven't been told exactly what yet, but I do know I have to take a HAZWOPER course at their expense first. I'm just curious what all jobs there are to do down there.
I don't begrudge the government. I am disappointed in whomever alledgedly ignored problems with the equipment on the Deepwater Horizon (the rig). You can regulate so much but the industry will find ways to get around it.
Sorry to get off the thread...Hate to see our friends along the coast suffering. Be careful on the cleanup and thanks for pitching in to help. Hope you come home with some extra ca$h!
Yeah, and they found a way around it this time and it cost lives, its a mess. It's no problem. Thanks, hopefully so, and hopefully we can get this cleaned up decent. I just fear things in the gulf will never be the same in our lifetime
It took hurricane katrina to shake up FEMA (and the government), sadly this is going to be another very expensive (financially and environmentally but fortunately not so much in lives, except for the 11 on the rig) wake up lesson for everyone. Fortunately oil is money and what can be salvaged certainly will be.

Bioremediation can be successful but there is still significant pollution from the exxon valdez. Only time will tell. Good luck with a job there, I'm sure BP will be financing a LOT of contractors.
If you have a vacuum truck or a skimmer you're gonna be rich!

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