Obama decided to visit some FDNY firefighters over the past few days after the killing of Osama.


My question to you all is, and it's relatively opinionated as facts cannot truly be proven: Do you think that the primary reason that Obama visited the FDNY is because he truly cares for our emergency personnel, or because he's looking for a boost in his numbers?


Obama, not to my recollection, hasn't visited a PD/FD/EMS Station prior, only after the death of Osama.


Was it a publicity stunt?


My opinion: I am not heavily into politics, but I am intelligent enough to understand political maneuvers such as this. I believe, whole-heartedly, that it was a publicity stunt. If Obama truly cared, he would have been visiting fire houses and police stations long ago, not just in the past week.


What do you all think of this?


And please, keep it relatively friendly.

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Translation "Ryan has no idea what communism is, he just knows it's bad"
The "Obama Bucks" were produced by Diane Fedele, the president of the Republican Women's Club out in California. I don't think racism is the driver for a lot of the Obmama hate out there, but there is a fair bit if it.

On a more strategic note, ever since Nixon's "Southern Strategy" back in the 70s, a significant element of the Republican Party has used quiet racism as a tool to get elected and further energise thier base. It's a damn shame that conservatisem is hijacked by this sort of foolishness.
I'm with you, I thought the President's vist to Ground Zero and using firefighters as a backdrop was nothing but craven, calculated politicing at its worst.

Oh, wait, that President! In that case, it was a brave, patriotic display of our unity as a nation and an inspriation to stand together in time of trouble.
Probably both.
Quiet or otherwise, conservatism isn't being hijacked by racism. And aren't there any racists in the democratic party?
Vic where were you on 9/11?
There's some serious polictical disagreement going on between Texas and the White House. It's gotten ugly. Go back and watch the U.S. national news from the past week. We, and I'm sure I can speak for my co-workers, never disrespect America.
I believe The Presidents visit to Ground Zero this week was nothing but a shameless photo op and tasteless re-election campaign ploy. All on the backs and memories of my dead brothers. All the credit in the world for the hit on bin Laden goes to the US Military, not Obama. Taking out Osama was great news and a good day for the USA and for the FDNY. But the truth is that as President, Barack Obama has NEVER visited Ground Zero. Yet he has visited NYC over 2 dozen times not to mention numerous fundraisers. Yet again he never found the time to stop by and pay his respects. Let us not forget who this man really is. He is the man who did not support funding the 9/11 health bill. Now with his poll numbers at the lowest in his career he wants to use us for a photo op.....
OK, so if the President vists Ground Zero, it's a political stunt, but if he dosen't it's because he hates America. You can see why I'm so cynical.

I don't know how to get this through any other way, so I'll try all caps and bold:
THE 9/11 HEALTH CARE BILL WAS SPONSORED BY THE DEMOCRATS AND FILIBUSTERED BY THE REPUBLICANS. IT FINALLY PASSED AFTER PUBLIC OUTCRY FORCED THE REPUBLICANS TO END THE FILIBUSTER. See my link above. You are flat-out wrong to think that Obama opposed it. I challenge you to provide a single bit of evidence to the contrary.
I'm sure there are, but the Democrats don't pander to them.

The repeated attempts by the likes of Glenn Beck to pitch the Democrats that way is a shameless attempt at projection which no one falls for.

Look, there are tons of legitimate reasons to oppose the President. I think there needs to be a constant debate and political pressure from all sides of the asile to "keep the bastards honest." Baseless horsecrap like "Obama is a Moslem" or claiming he was born in Kenya or hates America does nothing to this end.
Washington DC. Why does that matter?

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