this is one of stupidest laws ive heard of... what do you folks think???

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A lot of volunteer fire depts. here in PA are starting to require it to drive there appartus.Its not a bad idea .If the dept. is going to pay for it go get it,you always can get a job as a professional driver if something goes wrong.I'm a CDL driver you just got to go get a physical,eye exam,hearing test ,and drug test .You get your permit and then take a driving test which isn't hard at all.
I don't believe you should need a CDL in a volunteer dept. but you should take a driving course such as EVOC and be certified by your dept. Driving is a lot of responsibility treat it that way
How many threads are going to be started on this subject?
We already do it in California. They have the normal CDL, and then they have the Firefighter class, which means you take the CDL test, but only get to drive fire apparatus. I kind of like it, actually. Gets the mutton-headed fools that can't control their adrenalin rushes out of drivers seats and keeps us a little bit safer.
Has anyone else noticed that lately the "discussions" here are a lot like old songs...?? For example..."Wasted Days and Wasted Nights"....Paul
Their is several threads on this already, not trying to sound rude but try the search tool at the top of the page.
I don't think it is right. The state is working against its volunteers. They are looking at every possible way to create some revenue, cuz they can't keep their hands out of the piggy bank, spending it on stupid things, like NYC. They should be like Washington, D.C. - there on entity like another state. NYC and Albany are killing the rest of the state
doesnt sound stupid to me.
truck drivers are trained,,and used to driving a rig that size.
a guy that only drives a pickup,,and when the tones go out,,he jumps in a firetruck,,with his adrenilin at 100 percent, is crazy,,life threatning,,
they should have a cdl. my fire company wants it too drive a truck but there are a couple guys in the fire company that dont have there cdl anymore but are still aloud too drive the rigs bc they know how too drive something that big. it very well be a law that they get it bc look at all the fire truck accidents from people that drive the trucks and dont have a cdl and dont have the training to drive them. i feel that chad king is so wrong with his comment. they are not working against us they are working with us and making sure we are doing everything right and by the law. do u really feel save driving with a guy in the firetruck that isnt used to driving a truck that big going to a call and then all of a sudden be thrown around like a rag doll bc he went around a turn too fast I THINK NOT. i think people on here would agree with me
I believe firefighters should. There are things that you should be aware of that aren't taught in EVOC or pump ops. If New York plans to require it I would hope they are smart enough to work with the fire service and do it right. Give time for fire depts to comply and offer some resources to help work in the new requirement
its like every other law with vols, and that governs anybody. you have some people who have cdls that for sure do not need it,much less drive a big rig. but you also have many firefighters that cannot control themselves when the tones drop that should not be driving these large vehicles. that being said, i am a chief of a rural vol department, and i face the disaster of not having adequate drivers everyday, much less with a cdl. But still safety should always be our first priority no matter what the cost. stay safe out there

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