So... I'm just curious as to some of the general and more specific names given to apparatus from the US and around the world... for example, our pumper is called an engine (yeah, i know alot of people call it that), airel apparatus around our area are refered to as towers, ladders, airel's, trucks... an ambulance is known as a bus or a rig.

More specifically... we have a huge tanker that we call the whale and our older pumper is known as the "popemobile" due to the very high roof on the crew area.

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karen said donny told her i had the seat leanin all the way back.. he said this aint no damn pimpmobile....... i said i was i doing that when chief was sittin behind me... seat dont lean back if there is someone in the back seat
Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A$$ Off, in regards to the name Super Pickle
ahh, kk
WELL....... We are selling this truck but, our old rescue was nicknamed "TAZ" because the cartoon mascot on the side. The new truck replacing it is just called the $250,000 paper weight.....
250,000??? thats a fairly cheap paper weight as far as fire apparatus go
It is a GMC 5500. Not like a engine or tower. Its a contender.
it used to be done by the year of the truck. 63' 76' ect. our 50' articulating boom was called "the squirt" cause of its manufacturer. now we've gotton more tward the actual call designation. "3 or 1 or 6 or 5" we just got a 75ft tower and we think "hellevator" is a good one or "OCHO" cause of its designation as A8.
In my dept. our logo is an indian. The area we cover has its own little logo like a football or baseball team i guess. the distric that it comes from is called indian neck...anyways som of the guys down there call it the squatting bear becuase the indians had such wierd names like that.
We call our engine "The Midnight Express" becuase typically we stay busy all nite long
We call out ladder truck " The East End Trucking Company" becuase it is the only truck company in the East end of the county.

The old striaght ladder that was there prior to my arrival was called "Nellie Bell" I do not know why.
we run a kme squrt and tanker its nickname is the squanker our rehab unit is the juice box and our old ambulance is the war wagon
We have a 1973/1986 refurbed engine that has a 8v/71 Detroit -- 1500 gpm/1000 and the loudest Jake Brake I have ever heard. All the local departments hear us when we arrive and it is colored lime green, so we call it the "Green Slut" and a 1974 Ward Lafrance colored lime green that we call the "Green Booger" .
Some our trucks have the name a "crocodile" because are similar to them a forward part of the truck.

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