"New" Quick Attack Truck for Our Department. Now What Should We Fill It With?

Hello All,

My department just purchased another local department's used "quick attack" truck for fighting brush fires and being the first truck on scene to most of our fires. It is a 1980 Chevy 1 ton 4wd with a 300 gal. tank and a ton of compartment space. We are in a very rural area (a town of 282 people), and out of our 20 or so fire calls last year, right at half of them were brush fire related. Now that we have a more brush oriented rig to respond to calls, I'm wondering what we should fill it with. Obviously, I'm thinking shovels and rakes and other brush related equipment, but because it is probably better moving around an accident or fire scene, plus has lots of compartment space and an on-board generator and scene lighting some of us are thinking it would be a very good first attack truck in general. We are pretty new to the idea of a small pumper to do work, some of our more senior members are not keen on the idea of this truck, but we are doing an experiment with a $4000 truck to see if we can possibly justify a better truck in the future. It's a pretty neat truck for what we paid and in very good shape, and I would just love to see it utilized to it's maximum potential (especially since I was one of the biggest supporters of a quick attack style truck).

Thank you everyone for all your answers!


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 I agree completely, we call them bush fires ( or Grass and Scrub  fires usually for small jobs). We use Tankers , 2000 or 3000 Litres, on decent 4WD (10 ton) trucks with decently sized pumps.  Tools are carried to cover nearly all eventualities ( Rake Hoes, shovels, axes , spades, 20 Litre spray knapsacks ( collapsible type these days), extinguishers type A,B, E, CABA.). The slip on unit that I described earlier is great for getting into awkward country, and we use  tankers as a fill point in most of these instances). For more info try site :  cfa.vic.gov.au.

Hit fires hard with capacity, stops the grief. Also of course helicopter tankers i.e. Erickson skycranes in summer.

Have fun!!! It is extremely hot down here at the moment....

Our department recently took delivery of a quick attack truck.  It has 300 water and a large pump capable of flows to handle a small structure.  It has a small hosebed which houses 1 3/4", 3", and 1" forestry hose.  It also has a 1" hose reel, foam sticks and enough adapters and appliances to link it all together.  The truck has front spray nozzles for field fires.  Storage for 3 leafblowers, 2 indian packs, chainsaw, driptorch, fuel cans, 3 scba with xtra bottles, stokes basket loaded with rope, slings, blankets and hardware, 2 each of rakes, pulaskis, mcleods, and shovels, hilift jacks, life jackets, hydraulic pump, cutter, spreader, ram, and cribbing, gps, inverter for AC tools, landing zone kit, winch kit, toolbox, first responder bag, trafic cones, flares, stop signs, and traffic wands, set of irons, bolt cutters, tnt and sos tools, cat litter and suction hose and strainer!  All of it is in a 550 chassis.  It is setup to handle any initial call except hazmat. 

Wow! That's a "swiss army knife" of apparatus! Hope it's got a four-person cab so you'll have enough personnel to operate all that gear. Would love to see photos.

No, its on a single cab to keep the length down for offroad.  Go to Danko fire apparatus, new deliveries.  Benton township quick attack.  Its jacked up with big single wheels and diamonplate bed.

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