So I used to use a pelican stealthlight on a bracket. Then when my chief issued me a new helmet, it had a face shield instead of bourkes, so I had to flip the bracket upside down. (so the light hung underneath the brim of the helmet instead of on top.) this worked alright except it kept me from putting my helmet down normally and it was a bit of an entanglement issue.

So long story made a bit shorter, does anyone have a recommendation for a helmet light that would go well on a traditional style helmet with a face shield (and hopefully isn't too much of an entanglement issue)?

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Eveready LED white/red helmet light. Works great, canbe tilted to shine on the floor . Red light works well on MVA 's
got a link?
streamlight got a new helmet light called "Vantage". Its waterproof, chemical-resistant anodized aircraft aluminum body; high-impact engineering polymer LED housing; and high-temperature, shock-mounted impact resistant Boro Float glass lens will stand up to intense heat, extreme weather .

heres the link...
thanks for the input guys, maybe i'll look into those on my next paycheck.
While when in a fire you are obviously not worried about ignition sources, this is not always the case. When shopping for lights, think about intrinsic safety as well. You may pay a little more, or not, but it is your but that may need it. There are some really nice lights out there. Just be careful what you buy. If it is not meant for the fire service, you may want to think twice about it. A $40 light may look attractive today, but when you have to replace it after one fire, you may wish you spent a little more. Pelican lights are great and reasonably priced. The Streamlight Vantage is amazing in fires. Garrity lights are cheap and disposable, but work.
Be careful when buying an LED flashlight. Not all LED flashlights are the same. The flashlights with 3+ LED's are gimmicks that aren't that great. When looking for a new flashlight look for lumens. It's the measure of power of light. Basically it's the "new candlepower" rating. If the flashlight doesn't have a lumen rating i wouldn't bother messing with it. Base lumens for an LED flashlight would be about 125-150 lumens(my opinion). Also look for a flashlight with a luxeon LED. It's not a typical LED your used to seeing. It's flat. I'm telling you this so you don't waste your money on cheap junk that won't last a week.
Willi, do you have an approximate price on the Streamlight Vantage?
mark,,,the vantage lite is 129.95 ..
I just bought one for $109.00 and its not a bad light. Little pricey but it is bright for an LED. The battery life is about 4 hours then it starts droping fast on brightness. But other than that it is a good light
Thanks Allen

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