I'm not sue, but I think I have qualified for a certification I did not know was available!

Let me set the scenario:

We were paged out to a "Buster Tango". Evidently this is the new "plainspeak" code for a Bomb Threat. By SOP, we staged at an area close to the establishment which had received the BT and waited for the state BI to arrive. The word that came down was that the individual had called to claim that he had planted a bomb in the bushes outside the business targeted and it would go off some time this morning. After 30 minutes or so, the BI agent arrived and took command of the scene. After discussion with local LE, the agent requested that the firefighters present conduct a preliminary search of the bushes outside the business to see if we could find anything "suspicious". Well, with a moment of hesitation, we began gingerly poking around in the bushes. We did not find anything and the threat was determined to be a hoax and we were released from the scene.

But in MY book, I am now certified as a Bomb Sniffing Dog!!

One funny note, as I was parting a large patch of sawgrass adjacent to the driveway culvert, my damn cell phone rang...scared the SH*T out of me!


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You couldn't have got me to do that. Hope you don't get fleas. TCSS
Glad it all worked out......BUT...(here it comes) What in the hell were you thinking...it is NOT our job to search for "bombs"....What can you do if you find something....Have to go back to my..."its like an old dog that chases cars...what the hell can he do if he catches one...? Sure as hell can't drive it...." LOL....I think we should stick to Fires...that's what we are trained for.....Just my view.....Stay safe..........Paul
I agree, Paul. I must admit, our search wasn't very.....enthusiastic? I was EOD in the Navy, so I wasn't "really" worried about what to do if I found anything(can you say "Completely un-ass the area!), but I did mention to the agent as we were wrapping up that I felt kinda insulted knowing that I was more expendable that a bomb-sniffing dog!!
They have this "new" bomb finding system....they get dumb firefighters and have them stomp around the area with their fingers in their ears....that way if they set one off the loud noise won't hurt their ears........LOL.....and at one time I was in the military also and "played" with things that made a lot of noise...doesn't mean I want to do it now.....Still don't think is was a very bright thing to do....Stay safe Fido.....er...oops.....LOL Paul
I don't think that is in my job description. That's what he get paid to do. Now if the so called bomb went off and there was a fire then i would be more than glad to help. But help search for the bomb No NOWAY NOPE NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.
So you used to be Navy EOD. It looks to me like you should have known better. My dad was Air Force EOD for over 30 years. He would have @#$%$ out any one looking for a device but his guys.
Wow! Who was the IC seems to me its a scary thought to go bomb sniffing. I don't think they could have paid me enough. Seems like this should been an order I would have to refuse to follow. Glad you guys came out okay sorry to say and I know you know this things could have any very badly and we would be sending condoloscenes to your family. TCSS and God Bless
When we get called to trees on wires, wires down and pole fires, we sometimes have to sit at the sence for hours waiting for the utility company to show up and take care of the problem. I get a little upset sitting there for a extended time since I'm a vollie. But a call like you had, I would have no problem sitting down the road waiting for someone who gets paid to do the job to come and do it.
Obviously we all agree this was a collossally stupid decision by the LE guys to even ask the fire department to do this. I am not going to bash you for following through on the request. If any of you have not been to Socorro for the terrorist bomb classes, get there. This is a great class and you will see what live explosives can really do. That being said, bombs are for the cops in the big funny green bomb suits.
Hey!!! I'm not dumb, but I reserve the right to do dumb things!
If I had to guess, I would say that it was a code thought up to foil the "scanner birds" that follow EMS traffic. Bravo Tango was too obvious, so we'll fool them with Buster...
LOL! Are you going to change your name to "Sparky" now? This was a funny story even though it was a serious situation. I have taken the WV State Bomb Tech Assistant class and if your state offers anything like it, I would highly recommend that you take it. In my class we got to build our own "mock" bombs and blow stuff up for 2 days. I was the best stress relief in the world! Be careful and stay safe! ~Tammy~

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