Revised Bomb Threat Stand-Off Chart Download for Engine Companies

These are the revised stand-off distance charts being distributed by the FBI and Homeland Security.

This information needs to be downloaded and placed into your DOT ERG as a reference tool should you encounter one of these situations.

Threat Descriptions, Explosives Capacity, Building Evacuation Distances, and Outdoor Evacuation Distance are provided for the following:
Pipe Bomb (5 LBS)
Suicide Bomber (20 LBS)
Briefcase/Suitcase (50 LBS)
Car (500 LBS)
SUV/Van (1,000 LBS)
Small Moving Van/Delivery Truck (4,000 LBS)
Moving Ban/Water Truck (10,000 LBS)
Semi-Trailer (60,000 LBS)

These capacities are based on the maximum weight of explosive material that could reasonably fit in a container of similar size.

Note: Please download the below PDF File: 20090506_bomb_threat_chart.pdf (1.2 MB)


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Mike, the rule is still pretty much "Don't be there when it blow up.", right?
not uncommon Luke to see a pair of tennis shoes hanging in a response vehicle...
"Don't be there when it blow up."

Ben, I guess that's the overall goal... it's just those first few minutes where you have to make some initial decisions. Once done, then without hesitation, it's time to call the BC for the final word. That would be you I believe... : )
There's no decision to be made- it's easy, cut the RED wire....
We still laugh at the time our former chief yelled into the radio "They done blown it up!" during a joint training exercise with local leos here. I know this is North Carolina and all but still...

Ha,ha! That is so wrong!
When you cut the wrong wire, ala not the RED one as I suggested is always the correct one...

Sucks To Be A Bomb Technician - Watch more Funny Videos

Hey Mike, what about a SADM (Strategic Atomic Demolition Munition), AKA a "Suitcase Nuke"? I believe the minimum distance is 60 miles! I felt this prudent since the Russians are missing several since the fall of the Soviet Union. Sleep well, stay safe!
I invoke Monty Python when on EOD calls..."Run away, run AWAY!"
That will make it tough to walk to decon without running out of air if you're anywhere other than at the outside edge of the perimeter.

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