OK....The old Bullshit detector has triggered again.....How about we set up a new award here.....we give it out for the most mindless post written.....The old adage "No question is a dumb question." Obviously has never visited this site....I am beginning to wonder about some of the people here...are they Firefighters or Yard Breathers...?  I see some that have the distinction of the 2/20 club (2years in and 20 years experience)...But honestly if you cannot think of something other than the color of helmets or apparatus or whether Jrs should have pagers and go on calls then why not just not post at all....if you are doing it for the "points" then contact the "web chief" I will gladly give you mine, just spare us....PLEASE...!!!   We can call it the "WANTON WANNABEE" award...and issue it quaterly for the most deserving posting here......I have no problems posting this as I am sure it will get deleted by those in power....LOL...But in the meantime...Have fun with it.........Stay safe...always keep the faith

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an the winner is??????????????????????????????????????????????????
Come on Bro, the suspense is killin me!
I nominate Edmund Ford Power 3rd for "Just letting you know" and "9/11/01". He deserves to have the WANTON WANNABEE on his mantle.

If you're sweating posts on helmet and apparatus color, you're taking FFN too seriously.
As long as you're not entering this one in the contest...that would be almost Zen-like.

It would be like a snake swallowing itself, kinda, sorta.

But if there has to be an award...let it be this one:

I don't care who you are that's funny right there.
That is definitely funny.
"I have no problems posting this as I am sure it will get deleted by those in power...."

You're probably right Paul, and the useless bullsh*t posts will stay up and continue to get people responding to them, lest we hurt they're feelings!

I've got someone in mind for the award.
I agree 100%! But just to let you all know. We all wear yellow helmets (except for officers). All our trucks are red. We don"t have Jr's, but we do have some of those 2/20-ers (& they go on calls too [darn it!]). I usually wear boxer breifs and crew socks under my clothes & bunker gear (they usually don't match my gear or my helmet though). Our nomex hoods are black, but our gloves are brown (WTF is up w/ that?). How about decals on helmets (a very interesting & informative topic). Maybe we can discuss stuff like, "Have you ever peed in your pants on a call?". Better yet, "Have you ever shat in your bunker pants?" (I hear they make great diapers)! Or, "Have you ever used your helmet to cook Pork-n-Beans?" ( or insert Chili, muffin mix, etc...). How about suspender color, because you know that makes a difference on how you will perform an interior attack (right?). Last but not least, they better gimmie my lil gold stars for posting this & I'll take anybody's that want to give them to me too, because thats why I'm here (yeah right!). Not for the purpose of trying to learn from other people & read the informative posts (when I can find them). Well anyway, have a safe night all (hehe) - dano
LOL that is funny. I worked with a guy many years ago who volunteered with his dad on the same dept. He called me at 2-something in the morning to say watch the morning news they had a structure fire and the news crews were there. Slight background, on those nighttime calls his dad wore nothing, nada, not even boxers under his turnout gear. Well morning news came on and there was his dad, coat off, pants undone and exposed for all the world to see. Somehow they forgot to cut that part out of the video footage. I was thanking god that he was not on our dept. He wasn't at all embarrassed but his son was mortified. He said they shouldn't have had the cameras on him or even there and got what they deserved.
@ Dano: LMAO!

@ michael: So you're sayin that he was doing a forward lay from his bunkers with his personal "booster" line? That's funny right there!
I want to be a fire man, is this where I sign up

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