Im with a very small and poor dept. and we are needed any tools, hose, nozzels or anything  at all that someone could help us out with.  We are also looking for a 3000 gallon tender.  If anyone has anythang that they would be willing to help us with or know someone that might help it would be a huge help.



Pinelog VFD, FL

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Before your post gets buried, let me explain why it will happen and how I suggest you resolve your problem with a lack of equipment.

First off, learn how to write and request grant assistance. Secondly, take advantage of local fire departments that are large. For example, close to you would be Eglin Air Force Base, Mobile, Montgomery and Columbus FD's as well as Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette and Jackson and Birmingham FD's.

Your biggest problem, even if someone was willing to help you would be shipping costs. You have to make the effort to network, make the requests and do not be nebulous. In other words, you have to be specific with your requests and justify them individually. To not do your homework will guarantee failure on your part. This also means that you need to be willing to pickup the donated equipment, not expect someone to send it to you.

Best of luck with your project and remember to take advantage of local resources. In many cases, all you have to do is ask the right person / agency. All fire departments have someplace they store equipment and it's not always new stuff and in many cases, as long as your request is justified, they just might be willing to give you stuff. Again, all you have to do is ask.

- Mike Schlags

we are willing to pick up equipment. And we have tryed to get grants but have not had any luck as we just got a new truck so getting equipment is hard right now. 

Hey Douglas,

 The first thing is to look up Florida fire fighter association, They help small departments on the things that they need . Also if you need help with the grants their are company's that will help you on this . If you need the help drop me a email and I will see what I can do .


i too am in a 3 vehicled department and the first thing i would suggest you do for the long term is form your department into a taxing district. have your members form a volunteer (or firefighters) association and set it up as a non profit orginazation (501c3)...somebody beat me to it but definately join the florida firefighters association and appeal to your richer big brothers to hand over the stuff they dont need but dont expect much. they are in the same boat as you are but on a grander scale

develop a plan and have a stratigy. be able to answer questions anyone (and i do mean anyone) may have. we are still in a recession menaing nobody has any money

Concentrate on firefighter safety. everybody should have the proper PPE and SCBA's


  I tried to contact you via FB with no success. Hancock Hope can help your department. Give Dan Macakanja a call at 716-785-8491 or email him at

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