on june 24 th, I will start my holliday's . Iplaned to reach Orlando Florida to see Universal studio's.

i have 6 day's on that site and i already seen Walt Disney .


Is sombody have idea's to make my trip complete. We planed to reach Orlando on june 27 th thrue jully 03 rd we will start slowly our way back north.


We like museum, hystory,Architecture, and i do sholder patche exchange when i visit a hall.


we have 8 day's to spend on the return trip, tell me what we can see?

where is the party of the Independence day???


i wait your suggestion's


Best regard's


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Most def make a trip over to visit Busch Gardens in Tampa, I believe it's only an hour-hour and a halfish away from Orlando (been a while for me). The east coast is pretty neat too, St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, that kinda stuff.
Cape kennedy is neat. NASA's home its close to orlando. http://www.nasa.gov/home/index.html If you like diving they just sunk a large ship in the florida keys for an artificial reef. People can dive it. http://www.bigshipwrecks.com/. Just couple of ideas. Have fun and be sure to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July no matter where you are at. enjoy your holliday and stay safe.
tanks evryone for all sugession it is appreciated.

Gilles Dionne
Hey Gilles,
My suggestion is stay right here in Canada. Come to Manitoba! Its beautiful here too. We have over 100,000 lakes to fish in, (That doesn't include the polluted ones though). If you wanna get away, we have more bush and rock than anywhere else. The bears are fairly friendly, as long as you don't try and take their cubs, or food. If they are real hungry, you might wanna keep your kids close by.
The weather is great! In between the torrential downpours, the temps can reach +35 C (for our american friends, thats Prettteeee fn hot) In the winter, it can be a lil bit uncomfortable and you might need a jacket when it gets down to -40c (for our american friends, thats pretteeeee fn cool-ish)
We have the biggest and the most mosquitoes a person could ever want to encounter. You can pick them off with the shotgun. (just don't hit the millions of seagulls or ravens - they are protected here)
I should mention, before deciding to come here, you might wanna outfit your truck with a nice big bumper..similar to what the trains have. Our moose are the size of small houses here when they are born, and there seems to be quite a few running around, hit one of those, and that will def. leave a mark.
Yah, I say to heck with Florida and Disney world etc.. come to god's country! Good ole Manitoba Canada.
oh, yah I almost forgot, bring your gear, we have fires here too sometimes. :)
Enjoy your vacation!
tanks Brian for the suggestion, but this year, my destination is USA.
I keep in mind your idea for my next hollyday. A trip to Calgary stampeed should be interesting with a stop in Manitoba.
i should tell you that you frightned my wife whit the size of the mosquitows.
for the weather's here in Québec it is closely the same as your's

Good Day
Gilles Dionne
Just wanted to say I got to meet Gilles and his family while they were visiting NC on the way to Florida and what a pleasure it was for me to spend some time with them. His dedication to his family and passion for the fire service I admire.
Ok .. I guess I won't bother to pursue a career in tourism. lol Glad you are enjoying your vaction and it appears that you are meeting some great brothers and sisters from south of the border.. does it get any better???
Just so you know the North Carolina state bird is the mosquito and we go beer here too! I'm sure Mainitoba has it's charm as well though....
NASA is cool Id check it out
i am actualy in Orlando, Florida i have 2 more days here before reaching Indian Rock beach.
Time is running very fast.
i wish to thank's you all for suggession's, and specially Dustin and his family, i really appreciat to meet them.


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