It was my pleasure last night to hand out awards at our annual Madison County Volunteer Firemen's Association's Banquet.

As my last act of my term of President.

We presented the Cazenovia FD and CAVAC Ambulance the Fire Fighters of the year award. Back last October they were toned out for a 10 year old boy who fell into a well. When they arrived they found the well opening was 18" in diameter and 18' deep and had water in it. With a 12' pike pole and holding one of their members by the legs they were able to find a arm of the boy. Knowing they didn't have time to wait for the rope rescue time even though they were responding they did not give up. By a miracle they were able to some how get the cape the boy was wearing wrapped around the hook on the pike pole. they then pulled there member back out and lifted the boy out hand over hand using the pike pole. They put the lifeless boy on a back board and CAVAC took over. Cazenovia Police gave the Ambulance a escort to Upstate medical center in Syracuse NY. When the Ambulance left the boy had no pulse. While the Cazenovia Fire Fighters were picking up 16 minutes after the ambulance left the Chief received a text from the driver of the rig that said We are at the hospital and we have a pulse.

No one is sure how long the boy had been in the well before his friends knew he was missing that night. But with out a doubt if it was not for the professionalism of the men and women of these two organizations that night this 10 year old  boy would not be alive today.

We also presented  17 year old Alex Travis of Kirkville NY the Citizen of the year award. Alex's grandfather was taking him back home. When they were driving around Eaton Brook Reservoir and they noticed a car in the reservoir. Alex having his grandfather stop jumped out of the car throw his phone on the ground took off his shoes and jumped in and swam out to the sinking car. Alex found a 92 year old man inside. Alex was able to get the back door open and get in the car. With the front of the car already submerged under water Alex used his feet to break out the window he was able then to pull the Eaton man out of the window and bring him to shore. When Alex was asked by a reporter if he was scared he stated."Yes i was; but i would rather die trying to help safe someones life then to live the rest of mine regretting doing nothing but watching someone die." 

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All these people are the truest of heroes.

Madison County is fortunate.

It's spelled HONOR.    :-)

Holy crap! Thanks John

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