So as you could probly tell by the title my Dad is also my chief, And now it feels like i have a name to live up to, so it feels like that i have people looking at me wondering if i will one day i will be as good as my Dad. So i have a lot on my mind right now. I dont know if i should feel happy or constantly wonder if im being compared to my Father ?

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To borrow from another agency"be all that you can be" this applies so well to us as well. Every f/f should strive to be this so it really shouldn't affect you that your father is chief because you already want to be all you can. The problem may be that your peers may hold you to a higher standard, but if your giving your all they will learn to accept you.
As long as you don't believe in a sense of entitlement you should do just fine as has been pointed out you are not your father but certainly he has set a great example for you to follow.
Don't worry about any of that now. Seeing as your only a Jr. Firefighter with a limited skill set and NFPA restrictions before you can even train to be a full firefighter, just worry about the basics for now. Get comfortable with your trucks, tools, and even yourself on the fireground. If you find yourself scared sh*tless maybe this just isn't for you, which is fine too. From reading your blog post you have already begun this process, which is good. None of this is meant to be discouraging, I'm just trying to help pass along the information that I was given when I started as a Cadet. Judgements will be passed, but most of them will mean nothing. Train hard, and always work to the best of your abilities.
A lot of good advice already, so I won't repeat what is said. However, when you do become a certified FF and are of age to be a FF.....when working as a FF, that is your role, not as son. Meaning if you were told to fill air bottles or set up rehab, vs being put in on the nozzle, it isn't being "punished". Same thing is as a FF, you also follow the orders of the officers above you and if they told you to fill bottles, vs the nozzle, this isn't something to go to the "chief" about, even if at home. Leave the firehouse stuff at the firehouse...and the family stuff at home.
Bro, I will tell you this. My Father was a Minister, Logger and very giving man. He would go to work in the woods every day, come home to change his clothes and then go to the church to do the things the church required. He would give all he had and latter life took all he had. I say this to share that I was told so many times growing up that I would be like my dad. I perceived this to be that I was going to be a minister like my dad. I didnt want to be nor did I feel that I could walk in his shoes. The reality bro is that I became like my dad. My dad worked to save people from fire (hell) an thats what I do too. I never thought about this till a few years ago when a State Fire Marshal mentioned this to me. My heart an soul is to help people. Thats what drives me. So, yes, your father is the Chief. And yes I am sure he is a good and looked up to man. You only have to be who you are and become who your meant to be. No pressure at all. Your better to simply be the best you can be as a firefighter and member of the team then worry about your dad being the Chief. My son has been on our Department an I as Chief strived to keep that situation from being a problem. Mainly in his attitude toward others as being my son. I am sure you will do well. Know that your father is very proud of you and is glad that you aspire to be like him and with him. Just do the best you can Bro. You'll do well.
Listen and learn, don't worry about the Chiefs role, just be you! I will echo some of the others, do what is to be expected of you, the firefighter first! Now I do know some sons of Chiefs, and I have witness cockiness out of them because of who their father is.

I doesn't sound to me that you have that awful trait..

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