My department has just come to realization that Minitor V's....well, suck! We are looking into Swissphone Pagers. Do any of you have these and if so what are your thoughts on them and are they complex to use. What are the pros and cons of them?


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Thanks for all the great info!! Hopefully our dept. can fix issues before replacing about 55 pagers.
My department currently has one Swissphone and the rest are motorola IVs and Vs. The thing that everyone likes about the Swissphone is that it is small. It is the size of an alpha numeric pager. It has a lot of good features you can add but by adding them, you add to the learning curve. For the pros and cons....
When Swissphones are upgraded you can use the same programming software and adapters. Motorola has successfully managed to change the software and the bases for ever pager they have upgraded too.
I personally like the swissphone better. The issue is the same as when Icom came out with mobile and portable radios for the fire service. No one liked Icom because it wasn't motorola. Now I would venture to say that across the country with the budget constraints we are all facing, at least half the country has moved away from motorola and to companies like Vertex and Icom. The quality is the same for half the price.
The prices I got put swissphone in our price range at about $435 for dual channel with stored voice.
Motorola was $485. If you do go with swissphone, make sure you get the good charger. The one that came with the demo in very flimsy.
Hopefully that helped.
What problems have you guys been having with the minitors? I have a Minitor IV and haven't had any problems with it in the couple of years I've been using it. However, sometimes it doesn't pick up a call but my department is good about calling for help via cell phones so I haven't had a big problem with it.
Mr Duncan,
My deptartment has had issues of the minitors just losing signal randomly, like standing in front of the bays for pager test some lose signal and wont alert, others will. Another problem has been them randomly alerting for other departments.
Ah I see, I have noticed the signal problem with my own in I can be in one place and not get the page but I can move it two feet over and it gets it, however as far as the other department alerts I haven't noticed any problems there. As far as the swissphone pagers, I haven't had any experience with them so I couldn't help you there.
I have a Minitor 3, and never had a problem. Others, have the V and also don't have any issues that they have raised, at least yet.
The III's were the best. We rarely had problems with them.
I have a III now and it works great. Our dept is upgrading everyone to V's sometime this year or next due to changes with central disp. We looked at Swiss pagers but from the sounds of it...we're going to V's.
The truth of the matter is in 2013 we are all going to have to change to Narrow band pagers and radios, at this time the only ones that do that are V's and Swissphone. I just ordered demo from Swissphone and going to report to dept as to what its like. I have been a long time Motrola guy for pagers and Kenwood for radios, but when the wiggle wiggle tweck tweck I have to do with V's I am looking.

Well report back in 30 days.
I know we have to change, but we will not have to buy new pagers for narrowband, and please remember to report back!!
We've had some decent success with the Minitor Vs but quite a few charger issues. We're looking at Kenwood 2180 handheld radios. We were quoted $350 a radio. They are pager capable with over 500 channels and 5 watts of power. There's also rumors that other agencies around here are looking to go the same direction and you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Everyone gets a pager, and gets a radio on the fire ground. Though the con is that your chatty firefighters get a radio all the time.

Oh and they are narrowband capable and I think 800 mhz capable. Check out it's under "Land Mobile Radios"
Be careful about getting what you pay for.

As a long time user of Kenwood, I will tell you the 2180 is ok for EMS use, which is to say it is not intended for IDLH atmospheres, and high temperatures. It does not handle being dropped very well. We have some strictly for EMS and the batteries are not holding up.

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