We've got the forget your helmet thread, and we have the forget anything thread. So how about another 'be honest' thread?

What mistake have you made? Let's keep it light-hearted, talk about silly things.

Me? I once read out loud the incident address from my pager while on route. Problem being I read the address from a previous call and that's where we went... Thankfully we were the third vehicle out and it was a false alarm. Still, very embarrasing and not something I intend to do ever again! To make sure it doesn't happen again I now delete messages from my pager as soon as the incident is over!

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While in Victoria working somewhere between Marysville and Jamison (did I get this one right??) we stopped for a drink break. I was pretty frustrated with the lack of help we had just recieved from a NSWRFS crew who had been sent in to provide us with water, we were working 19 - 20 hour days and at 4:30pm they decided to call it quits and head home without telling us. A bloke in a green jumpsuit happened to be standing close to me and I said to him "Wow, what an absolute cluster f*%k, you think with all this s$&t here we could manage to get some bloody water brought in" The gentleman politley smiled and walked away. Turns out he was the boss man of the Depertment Of Sustainability and Environment!! At least he got some honest feedback on the way his fireground was running LOL
Well how about going into a house and forgetting to turn your air on.....LOL.....OOPS or "OH SH_T" Paul
Well lets see my bigest mistake was on an extrication call, I was riding with our Asst. Chief in our brush rig since we where just going for extra manpower, he told me to just stand back and watch, and get supplys as needed. I was just a noob so basicaly was just a goffer and extra man to help cleanup. I was standing next to the car they where working on, trying to look over shoulders to see. Next thing I know I was holding on to the door on the drivers side, when one of our firefighters had to go to the other side of the car to help there. Our Chief was working just inside the drivers side door stabalizing the victim when he was struggling to get more room so I pulled on the door to help him out. Now mind you I was not suppost to even be there that close or even holding on to a door. I guess I pulled the door way to hard to where our Asst. Chief was making a cut and felt the pull in the cutters, well was then put on six mo. suspention for not folowing orders. I have made a few jugment call errors but have never not followed orders since.
Not really a mistake but I did put out a deer blind fire with snowballs. Lets see mistakes now..
We were on scence at a fatal when my ast chief said to go back to the station and get a tank and block traffic up farther. So I went to my truck and went and did my buisness and come to find out I left my shoes in the parking lot and they got run over by another tanker, and engine, and who knows how many cars. Lost a pager that night and turned out it went in the snow bank by my appt.
When we did a practice run for a state cert test we were doing fire attack in a 2 story building. I was coiling hose and pushing it down the stairs while my 2 team mates and instructor were going to the burn room(this is a metal structure for training). I backed up and stepped on the hose and fell down a flight of stairs. The instructor asked what that loud noise was (mind you I am a BIG FELLAR). My teamate was laughing and said "It's only wal-mart he fell down the stairs.

Getting out of the truck at a car accident, My suspender got stuck on the truck and I hate to sit there with an atomic wedgie until somebody helped me.

More to share just have to think of them
I've had a few "Uh-Oh's" before..

I wouldn't really say this was entirely my fault, but I definitely got the assist. One night on a mutual aid call I was helping my chief set a fan up in the window, we got it set in the window and I cut the switch on, cranked it up and was turning down the choke while my chief held it, it roared to life for maybe 3 seconds. I'm still playing with the throttle then I heard "AH GODD***IT! GODD***IT! LOOK AT THAT S***". Turns out there were some curtains in the window that we had overlooked lol. They got wrapped up in the blades something fierce, 30 seconds later with the help of a pocket knife we got it cut loose, threw the shredded curtains under the bed and had the fan going strong.

Another one that I really didn't screw up by myself was late one night after a brush fire. Myself and 4 other guys from our department went to refill our brush truck at the only hydrant in our coverage area. I was on the hydrant with the wrench, a guy we call "D Dr. Wham" was helping me with the hose (a 9ft clear suction hose), "Grizzly Adams" is on top of the tank keeping the hose in the tank, "Hookums" is still sitting in the drivers seat and "GreatBigHead" is holding our only flashlight. Well, GBH can't hold the light still. He keeps saying "dude what was that sound?", "I swear I just heard someone laugh in the woods", etc. I'm getting pissed off because I can't see what I'm doing so I tell him to shut up and just hold the light still. I get the suction hose on the hydrant and start opening the hydrant slowly, GBH is still shining his light in the woods and I'm guessing how much I've just opened the hydrant, turns out it's more than I thought.

I hear Grizzly Adams yell and I see that the surge in pressure has caught him off guard and he looses his grip on the hose. It comes out of the fill hole and I see Grizzly throw his hands up to guard his face, he gets overbalanced in the process and actually falls off the tank into the bed of the truck. While Grizzly is falling, the hose is flailing around violently since it is unattended, it jumps off the truck and throws water through the open driver window, soaking Hookums. On it's way down it hits Dr. Wham, who is standing by the driver window, it catches him off guard and he trips over the hose trying to get away from the water. I'm backing up trying to get away from the hose and I trip over the hydrant. In less than 5 seconds, 4 firemen go down. The only one left standing is GreatBigHead, who is laughing life a damn madman. I was so pissed.
we had a guy put hi helmet down on the aerial ladder so he could put his mask on. He was on the turntable and he pit it down about two or thre rungs up. I think you know where this is going. They retracted the aerial and the whole fireground went silent at the sound of helmet being crushed. Know all new hires are showed the helmet with the rung indentation upon coming in the door.
Oops. Another blond moment. Or a senior moment if you like... Sorry Chris, I missed you post when I looked in around that time.

Your spelling was close, I'll call it a mistype for you! "Jamieson" is the place. Big town isn't it? The closest I got to there was Marysville and Buxton during the cleanup phase - running decon for the coppers doing the final search. That trip to Marysville was hard, I have fond memories of the way the town used to look. I live just off the edge of the Yarra Valley, so our work during the hot time was all on that side of the complex.

What sort of vehicle were you using on that job?
Ran a call for a reported house fire with three and I was the guy in the back. Went to layout and fell off the back step in front of the chief who was right behind us. Luckily no fire but it was a bit embarrassing for me.

Got a call to set up an LZ for a trauma patient, when the OIC asks "How do we get there?" The driver shrugs his shoulders, we stop the rig do a three stoges run around the rig and I end up driving since it seems I'm the only one who knows where we're going.
Back when I was a probie...it was get together night at the station, we got a call and I got all excited,got in the truck,called fire control...and said "station 22 10-8 (in service),10-17 (enroute).Boy did I hear about that--all the guys said-"what ya doin...taken the building too on the call? " I got harrassed for awhile on that one.
I had a dream one night we had a call. This was before I had a radio and was just running with a pager. Well I throw my clothes on and head to the hall to awate the driver that went in rought. After 10 min of sitting there I call dispatch on my phone and ask them to repeat the call I was gonna go POV. Well she told me there was no call....laughing the whole time. Had one the other day I didnt remember the rd. So I called dispatch and asked where the rd was..."Hey this is Davis unit 713 can you give me a cross on Holder Rd." and I get "How am I suppost to know what your talking about" I said "this isnt dispatch is it?" "Nope" I had called the local high school. I just went to the first dade county....I saw in my phone
Dade County....High School
Dade County....911.....Next time I wont worrie about keepin radio traffic down and just ask over the radio
Had a friend of mine go in rought POW.
Dispatch came back and said you mean POV right
One bitterly cold winter day (10 degrees with a windchill of 10 to 15 below zero) I managed to grab the wrong turnout coat off the rack when I relieved the Deputy of the offgoing shift. I had the right lid, right bunker pants... but absentmindedly grabbed the wrong coat.

I discovered this at a house fire. I was out on an sprinkler inspection when the call came in. When I got on scene, I donned the gear. when I put the coat on, I couldn't close it up! I then noticed the accountability tag...

The coat belonged to another Deputy... someone who weighs about 160 if he's soaking wet... I froze my ass off at that fire!

Sorry mate been out for a while. We were using 10 NSWFB Izuzu 4x4 tankers (Cat 1 i think you guys and the RFS refer to them as). Ours was stn 206's brand spanker, by the time we had finished with it they wouldn't want it back! LOL We use them as Urban / Bush interface fire fighting appliances and they are pretty much stowed the same as our class 2 pumpers but only have 4 BA instead of 6. We had to drive through Marysville every morning and night, and usually stopped there to clean the headlights on the truck. WOW!! None of us could speak the first time through, it was increadible to see a whole town demolished like that and I feel nothing but sadness for the families and the CFA. It was a great experience working down there though, everyone was very nice, from the moment we got off the plane to when we left we felt appreciated and welcome. Awesome part of the country mate, I hope everything returns to normal soon.

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